Halong Bay in Vietnam, also called Ha Long Bay or Bay of the Jade Dragon descendants. Spectacular natural setting of karst rock islet in a bay north of Vietnam

Halong Bay - Vietnam

Halong Bay - Halong Bay - Vinh Ha Long - Vietnam

Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Without a doubt, the place most charming of all Vietnam is Halong Bay, in Vietnamese Vịnh Hạ Long.

Ha Long Bay (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam
Ha Long Bay (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam
Ha Long Bay (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam
Islet Pagoda on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay (Ha Long Bay), Is located north of Vietnam, about 200km Hanoi and near one of the country's major cities, Hai Phong.

Legend has it that during the war against the invading Chinese, Vietnamese emperor sought help from a family of dragons. Dragons launched pearls, jade and / or stones (there are several versions) to sink enemy ships.

After the battle ended, the dragons realized the beauty of the place and decided to stay. Hence the name: Ha Long Bay, Ha Long Bay in English and Vietnamese Vinh Ha Long Bay means the descendants of the dragon.

The best way to learn is undoubtedly the bay by boat. A cruise 2 days / 1 night Ha Long Bay costs about $100 per person.
Besides sailing boat, a very good option for kayaking is the calm waters of the bay.

For photography lovers, definitely have to visit any of the many caves in the islets, not only for the beauty of the place, but also by offering incredible views.
One of the largest caves known as the Surprising cave, in English Amazing Cave and Vietnamese Hang with Sửng sauce.

Ha Long Bay (Vietnam) consists of about 2000 islands that are not inhabited although there are some buildings, such as pagodas. In the picture on the left, can be seen at the top of the island, a small pagoda.

Halong Bay Video (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam

Cruise Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

Cruise on Halong Bay (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam

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