Vietnamese Dress (Ao Dai). The costume of Vietnam, in Vietnamese ao dai. Long dress of Vietnamese women. Vietnam traditional costume. Vietnam National Costume. Vietnamese silk suit. Vietnamese long dress. Ao Dai Vietnamese women. Vietnamese girls riding bikes with Ao Dai

Vietnamese costume

Vietnamese costume

Ao Dai (ao dai), Vietnam's dress

Costume Vietnamese (Ao Dai) is considered, along with the Vietnamese hatone of the symbols of Vietnam. Vietnamese dress resembles a long dress or maybe a tunic, its name is Ao dai (Ao dai, aodai).

Vietnamese Ao Dai Costume: Photos

Photos of different models of Vietnamese dress Ao Dai (Ao dai):

Vietnamese Dress (Ao Dai)
Different colors of Vietnamese dress (Ao Dai)

Vietnamese Costume. Vietnam Costume (Ao Dai)
Vietnamese dress Ao Dai in detail

Traditional Vietnamese Dress (Ao Dai)
Vietnamese dress Ao Dai in white, the traditional color

Costume Parties Vietnamese Ao dai (ao dai)

Without going into details, is composed of two parts:
  • Pants: the lower part of the Vietnamese costume. Tissues are typically of silk.
  • Top costume: covers from the neck up to the knees. It is a long, open side since before waist sleeve suit.

And in more detail:
Parts or pieces of costume ao dai
  • Nut bấm than ao: buttons, zipper or other clamping element
  • Ống tay: sleeve.
  • Ben Đường: inner piece.
  • Nut moc kết thuc: hitch / buttons / zipper.
  • Ta sau: tab.
  • Khuy cổ: neck button.
  • Cổ ao: neck.
  • Đường may: seams.
  • Kich (eo): waist.
  • Ta viết: front of Vietnamese costume.
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Facts about the suit Vietnamese

Almost every girl students should wear the suit Vietnamese (Ao dai, ao dai) for school. As not old enough to ride motorbike, Circulating a bicycle. It is quite a sight to see two Vietnamese with Vietnamese dress (Ao dai, ao dai, aodai) on a bicycle. The Vietnamese have a long flight suit and does not bind with the spokes of the wheels, they usually pick the front and rear so they sit on, or even form a knot on the side.

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