Vietnamese hat. Vietnam Hat. The Vietnamese hat, his name is Non La (non la). Hats Vietnamese or Asian conical hat

Vietnamese hat

Vietnamese hat

The Vietnamese hat, his name is n the

Vietnamese Hat, whose name is Non the (Non là written with Vietnamese accents), is next to the Vietnamese costume (Ao dai), one of the most notorious and visible from Vietnam symbols.
The literal translation of Non the to the Spanish being conical Hat, also referred to as Asian Hat.

Image of Vietnamese hat (non la)

Speaking Vietnamese hat everyone thinks in a conical hat, made ​​of straw. However, few people know that this kind of hat is used almost entirely by women, while in central and southern Vietnam, you can see people using it.

There is a Vietnamese mens Hat, its appearance is very similar to an African safari hat. It is easy to see it, especially in the North of the country. By Hanoi, The capital of Vietnam is common to find men with his hat on the streets of the city.
This is the look of the hat Vietnamese man.

Vietnamese hat for men. Hanoi Vietnam
Man on bicycle with Vietnamese hat man. Hanoi, Vietnam.

Vietnamese hat man. Hanoi (Vietnam)
Hat man Vietnamese (Hanoi).

Vietnamese hat Uses

Woman on bicycle with Vietnamese hat. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
Woman on bicycle with Vietnamese hat. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).
The main use of Vietnamese hat is to protect themselves from the Sun. Let's not forget that time Vietnam, being a tropical country, is very hot. Weather in Hanoi, Is more pleasant than in other parts of geography. Eg Weather in Saigon is much warmer, on average about 5 ° C, since Saigon (or Ho Chi Minh City) is south of the country.

Vietnam has traditionally been a country of peasants, where the cultivation of rice in the rice paddies was widely extended. All farmer used Vietnamese hat in their everyday tasks, because, apart from protect from the Sun, also protects from the rain.

The climate of Vietnam is tropical, which means that it only has 2 seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. In addition to the fact that the female ideal of beauty Vietnamese is white skin, the Vietnamese hat (Non the) is the best ally, during the warmer months, to protect themselves from the Sun and in the rainy season to offer protection against the rain.

The Vietnamese hat is made of leaves or bark together by thread. The exterior of The Non hat is covered with a varnish or protective layer to be retained in an optimum state for as long as possible. In this article you can see photos of Non La or hat vietnam in detail.
As a curiosity, I will say that Vietnamese use hat to collect rain water.

Hoi An Vietnamese fishermen with Vietnamese hat
Vietnamese fishermen in Hoi An Vietnamese hat.

Vietnamese hat in the rice paddies of Vietnam
Vietnamese hat in rice fields.

Gallery Vietnamese hat

Sightseeing in Vietnam, you can see countless Vietnamese hats in multiple places and used by a variety of colorful characters. Fishermen, peasants, farmers, boatmen, vendors and much more. models will be improvised to the objectives of our cameras.

Woman with hat Vietnamese cycling
Vietnamese woman with hat and bicycle. Hanoi.

Woman with her bike and Vietnamese hat
Woman with her bike and Vietnamese hat.

Vietnamese hat peddler with
Peddler with his hat Vietnamese in Hoi An (Vietnam)

Vietnamese hat Barquero
Barquero using Vietnamese hat.

Vietnamese farmer with hat
Vietnamese peasant hat. Paddies of northern Vietnam.

Rain and Vietnamese hat
Vietnamese hats in the rain. Market Ha Long Bay.

Women on bicycle with Vietnamese hat
Vietnamese cycling hat. Hanoi.

Vietnamese Fishermen Vietnamese hat
Vietnamese Fishermen hat (Hoi An).

Vietnamese hat
Vietnamese hat seller on the streets of Hanoi

Hoi An Vietnamese Hat
Funny old Vietnamese hat in Hoi An

Use of Vietnamese hat or Non La has been relegated to the rural environment and the working class. In big cities like Hanoi or Saigon, there is such an abundance of these hats. Partly because of the developments in the country, and also because a Vietnamese Non La or hat is not very suitable for motorcycling in Vietnam (the motorbikes in vietnam are the favorite mode of transport).
Young people do not usually use the hat, even children who attend school daily.

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