Where to buy Asian ingredients in Madrid. Buy ingredients Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian in Madrid: Príncipe Pío, Plaza of Spain, Bravo Murillo. In stores like Iberochina, Supermarket Asia, Oriental Supermarket, supermarket Vietnamese, Tokyo -ya, wonders Market.

Where to buy Asian ingredients in Madrid

Asian ingredients shopping in Madrid

This is a list of places where to buy ingredients Asian in Madrid. You can also find exotic ingredients for recipes, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese (Asian in general) in the following stores:
(Asian ingredients can also buy online at the Asian products online stores).

Asian Supermarket Iberochina

General Margallo
Chinese Supermarket Iberochina
Chinese Supermarket Iberochina

Quintessential Asian Supermarket in Madrid

The largest Asian supermarket and full of Madrid is called Iberochina. They are actually 3 supermarkets located in the same street, the street General Margallo nº 4 (metro Tetuan).

Iberochina Supermarkets General Margallo street that also sell online, have virtually any ingredient Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and Filipino.

For example citronella (lemon grass), they sell frozen or fresh branches, cilantro, sesame oil, all kinds of noodles and rice noodles, flour even Asian kitchenware.

Iberochina stores are also the cheapest of all stores from food and Asian ingredients in Madrid. These stores are frequented by the Chinese in the area, who come to make their purchases.

Video of Asian supermarkets in Madrid Iberochina

Principe Pio Asian Supermarket

Principe Pio
Asian supermarket in Principe Pio, Madrid
Asian supermarket in Principe Pio, Madrid

Buy Rice Vietnamese in Madrid

You can buy Asian rice very similar to Vietnamese rice in the Asian supermarket or Oriental supermarket, as it puts on the label, which is located right next to the shopping centre Príncipe Pío (mozart Street no. 5, Príncipe Pío metro).

Also there are noodles, rice noodles, soy sauce, rice vermicelli, prawn crackers, ginger, fish sauce, chicken meal and a variety of Japanese spirits.

They also sell rice, dishes, chopsticks, bamboo baskets, to prepare sushi kits, etc..

The name of this establishment is Oriental supermarket.

Asian Supermarket Plaza de Españalt;/h3>
Plaza de España
Asian Exotic Plants
Far East Plaza de España

Exotic vegetables and ingredients for Sushi

There is an Asian supermarket located in the corridors of the metro from Plaza de España (or more advisable is to enter by access located in the gardens of Spain Plaza).

The supermarket Asia is just 10 minutes walk from Principe Pio Asian supermarket. In this store you'll run by Chinese Rau Muong (water spinach) plus a variety of products and Chinese and Japanese liquor.

The name of this store is Far East.

Tokyo -ya

Tokyo -ya
Asian supermarket in Madrid

Japanese ingredients in Madrid

There is a small shop specializing in Japanese products Tokyo-already in the street President Carmona No. 9 (narrow subway or metro Santiago Bernabéu).

In Tokyo, we can find all kinds of flours Japanese and any necessary ingredient of Japanese cuisine.

This shop is providing all the ingredients for Japanese restaurants in Madrid. The weakness of Tokyo- and the price is a little high.

Miya's Store

Miya's Store
Asian ingredients in Madrid

Alternative to Tokyo- and

There is a small Japanese shop within the Market of Chamartín (Bolivia Street no. 9, metro Colombia).

This shop has a variety of sushi and Japanese products (seaweed, tofu, sauces), and if they do not have something, we imported directly from Japan.

The shop of Miya also taught Japanese cuisine classes and sell kitchen utensils.


Spicy Red Chili - Vietnamese cuisine recipes Ingredients

Authentic Vietnamese Spicy Chili

Greengrocers chain where we can find fresh chili, pineapple dwarfs and an endless variety of exotic fruits and vegetables.

Our preferred en la calle Donoso Cortés nº 68 (metro Guzmán el Bueno).

Chinese Supermarkets in the center of Madrid

Madrid Center
Chinese supermarket in Madrid

The Chinese supermarket neighborhood

In the heart of Madrid, in the area of Latino / ambassadors, we have a small alley, Alva Street, with several Chinese shops. They sell clothing, food, ingredients and a lot of other things.
They do not have great variety and personally, prefer margallo street, yet it is very handy and well located.

Other Asian Supermarket and Shops

Shop Indonesia

Shop Indonesia in the street Conrado del Campo there are no.5 (Ciudad Lineal metro).

supermarkets Alcampo

Alcampo sell tapioca flour and coconut milk.


For lovers of sushi who have little time, at Carrefour supermarkets sell freshly made sushi.

market Wonders

For the fresh fish that we will use when preparing sushi or any other recipe, the best thing is the Market wonders, in the Bravo Murillo Street # 122 (metro or subway Cuatro Caminos Alvarado).

El Corte Ingles

As a last resort, you can always go to the rincon del Gourmet of el Corte Inglés.

After buying Asian ingredients in Madrid