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Facts about Vietnam

Curiosities of Vietnam. Differences with Vietnam


Traffic in VietnamOne of the more curious about Vietnam things are, without a doubt, the bikes. Traffic in Vietnam is chaotic, motorcycles driven on the sidewalk, in the opposite direction, do not stop at red traffic lights and crossing a pedestrian crossing... is quite an adventure (see video of) Motorbike onboard camera Saigon Vietnam or more Videos from Vietnam).

As a car is outrageously expensive, the entire Vietnamese people moving motorcycle (you can read more about Vietnam and motorbikes).

The way you sit

Sit a Vietnamese
the Vietnamese way of sitting, Surprised all and sundry. It is very difficult to conceive without back support on the floor and bending your legs so, a person is able to maintain balance and also be comfortable.

Men, women, elderly and children... any inhabitant of Vietnam is able to sit in this way so curious.

Banks or rather, very low stools of any restaurant street of Vietnam, will be just the right height for testing our skills.

Cables in Vietnam

Cables in Vietnam. Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City
Any street of multiple cities of Vietnam has a thick tangle of black living above our heads, to 3 meters above the ground... we're talking about Cables in Vietnam.
Normally a single cable is used for light but a cable is pulled for each phone line necessary (chaos is served). Some kind readers of our blog we learned that in Japan this is a widespread practice as soon as possible to repair any type of incident on the premises (eg an earthquake).

Vietnamese hat

Non La | hat Vietnam | conical hat | vietnamese hat | hat asian
One of several of the Vietnamese people, the Vietnamese hat, Not so funny because we are more than used to its presence in any film that seeks to distinguish one from a Chinese Vietnamese.

Although Vietnam is worn out (for example, in neighboring Cambodia), this invention bamboo tied with threads is at least curious.

Its uses range from sun protection, to collect rainwater and of course, typical tourist souvenir ever there.

Language in Vietnam

Language in Vietnam
Vietnam being a communist country has good relacines with Cuba. During the war the best students in the country went to Cuba to study, and therefore, are able to speak fluent Spanish (Cuban accent). It's hilarious to see a Vietnamese, Asians with slanted eyes, speak perfect Cubano.
Otherwise, the Language in Vietnam, English is spoken in tourist areas, although it is difficult in some contact points, and the Vietnamese, that surprises your writing to be American and not Chinese.

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