Photos and videos of traffic in Hanoi (Vietnam). Motorbikes in Hanoi Vietnam. Traffic in Vietnam. Traffic jam and motorbikes caos in Vietnam.

Pictures of Hanoi traffic

Traffic in Hanoi: Hanoi motorbikes in Vietnam

In Vietnam in general and in Hanoi in particular, the traffic is horrible. For those who want to discover why here you have some photos of traffic in Hanoi.

Photos of Hanoi traffic

In Hanoi called the attention that not many people use the helmet while driving the bike through traffic of Vietnam. If you want to know why there are so many bikes, we recommend to read the article Vietnam and motorbikes.

Traffic in Hanoi (Vietnam)
traffic in Hanoi

Traffic in Hanoi is chaotic, noisy and dangerous. Thousands of small motorcycles circulate in the opposite direction, down the sidewalk, between cars. Those lucky enough to not have a bike to get around the city of Hanoi, well try to move a bike in traffic or throw their lot when trying to walk the narrow sidewalks or directly, walking down the road and the streets of Hanoi.

Motorbikes in Hanoi. Traffic in Hanoi (Vietnam)
Motorcycles in the city of Hanoi

The few cars that roll through the traffic of Hanoi, have no choice but to wait for the flood of bikes circulating or rather, jamming the streets of Hanoi, continue your way.

Motorbikes in Hanoi (Vietnam)
Motorcycle in TrafficHanoi

By nightfall, the urban landscape does not change. The lights of the bikes are all that ilumbra the narrow streets of the old city of Hanoi.

Motorcycle jam in Hanoi (Vietnam)
Motorcycles JamHanoi

Police, making this act during daylight hours, monitor traffic Hanoi in pairs, although budget constraints, have to share bike.

Vietnam police motorcycle
Vietnam police motorcycle

The photographs can not be captured the incessant playing of the horn of the bikes.

Traffic in Hanoi (Vietnam)

Hanoi Traffic Videos

Across the street from the traffic of Hanoi. A pedestrian crossing either near the Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi. Requires certain skills and a great deal of courage to cross the street during rush hour.

Hanoi Traffic bikes. The bike is an extension of the body of the people of Vietnam. It makes no difference whether you are resting quietly in a park, the bike always accompany every inhabitant of Hanoi, go wherever you go.

From the sidewalk from the road and a motorcycle. Several traffic videos Hanoi (Vietnam).

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