Spanish custom as they come, a mid-afternoon nap is best. Although you will not believe, in Vietnam more bursts nap in Spain (some breed other cardan fame and wool).

the nap

The nap: Spanish custom

When speaking of Spain one has in mind the flamenco, bulls, tortilla de patatas, bleeding and NAP. Custom Spanish where they exist, about raising the fame and others card wool. A suenecito mid-afternoon is best but but I do not believe it, in Vietnam NAP that in Spain, here is more evidence of the crime.

Napping on the bike

After a grueling drive through traffic in Vietnam (see Traffic in Hanoi photos), Nothing beats a nap on the bike to regain strength.

Napping on the bike (Vietnam)
Napping on the bike (Vietnam)

Napping in Vietnam market

Purchases in Markets in Vietnam are fine, but better a nap (and others encargen buying souvenirs for family and to the rest of Shopping in Vietnam).

Napping Ben Thanh Market. Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam
Napping in the Ben Thanh Market. Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam

The Temple of Literature in Hanoi

Please, where is the Temple of Literature?, Just behind the swing of this good man who was taking a nap and potty pajamas.

The siesta in Vietnam
The siesta in Spain?, Not in Vietnam

Vietnamese hat

Two distinct traditions of two different countries, together in one photo: Spanish siesta and Vietnamese hat, Restful sure this woman was, but selling, do not know if it sold a lot.

Vietnamese napping
Vietnamese napping

Taking a cabezadilla in the car

Although a car is very expensive in Vietnam (see Vietnam and motorbikes), End offsets because it is much more comfortable than the bike when taking a cabezadilla.

Napping in the car
Napping in the car (Vietnam)

Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam is nice yes, but with the warmth at the end I could not see much else, and that he had in mind Things to See and Do in Hanoi.

A nap !

Ho Chi Minh City

Did you like the City of Ho Chi Minh?, What I liked most were the wooden benches that had opposite.


Hoi An

The center of the country (Hoi An), nor is saved from a good nap.

Workers napping in Hoi An
Workers napping in Hoi An

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