Thu Le Park in Hanoi and Thu Le Lake Hanoi. Tourist visit the park, lake and zoo in the city of Hanoi, near the Hanoi Daewoo Hotel. Inside the Voi Phuc Temple.

Thu Le Park in Hanoi

Thu Le Park - Thu Le Lake (Ho Thu Le) - Hanoi

About 5 miles west of the city center Hanoi We have the Vietnamese replica to the Park of the Retiro, the Park Thu Le of Hanoi.

Thu Le Park in Hanoi
Thu Le Park in Hanoi

We are talking about 29 hectares of Park, which in turn encloses a Lake, the Lake Thu Le (Thủ Hồ Lệ), Kim Ma, former location of the Embassy of Spain in Vietnam (see Map of Hanoi).

Thu Le Lake Hanoi
Thu Le Lake

Interior Thu Le Park

Thu Le Park Zoo

This Park is also a small zoo, where the specialties are reptiles, snakes, crocodiles, and chameleons. Although there are also Lions, Tigers, leopards, monkeys, bears and elephants.

These animals before were in the Hanoi Botanical Garden, place where nowadays women reunite for aerobics.

Voi Phuc Temple

A small temple, vegistio remnants of a civilization and a past earlier. Its name in Vietnamese is Đền Voi SUV.

Thu Le Park Hanoi
Thu Le Park Hanoi

Other facilities at the Park

Since 2006, the Government decided to use a part of the park so that private contractors could begin any commercial activity. Now we have a karaoke, tennis courts, restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc.

Thu Le Park Management

Being a big Park, the surrounding streets are: Kim Ma, Cau Giay, Dao Tan and Nguyen Van Ngoc. As reference for taxi drivers, it is best to say that it is just in front of the Hanoi Daewoo Hotel (5 star hotel).

Thu Le Park Map.

Thu Le Park photos

Thu Le Park photos of Hanoi

The park is surprising for being in the middle of a business area of the city, like the other large park and lake, Hoan Kiem.

Thu Le Park in Hanoi
Thu Le Park in Hanoi

Kim Ma Street Hanoi
The surroundings of the Lake Thu Le: Kim Ma Street and the Hanoi Daewoo Hotel

Ho Le Thu. Ha Noi
Ho Le Thu. Ha Noi

Thu Le Lake photos

The Lake, with their small boats, quite reminds me of Park of the Buen Retiro in Madrid.

Retiro Park in Hanoi (Vietnam)
The particular version Retiro Park in Vietnamese

Thu Le Lake.
Thu Le Lake

Thu Le Park Videos

A video Thu Le Park, where we can see the Thu Le Lake with people enjoying a ride on boats, style Retiro Park in Madrid.

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