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Married with Vietnamese citizen

Steps to marry a Vietnamese / one Vietnamese

If a Spanish citizen wishes to marry a Vietnamese citizen, has to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Get the necessary papers in order to celebrate the marriage.
  • Legalize the Spanish papers.
  • Translate Vietnamese previously legalized Spanish papers.
  • Submit the documents in the Ministry of Justice of the corresponding province.
  • Overcome an personal interview to both spouses (if the Spanish do not speak Vietnamese, need an interpreter that will provide the Ministry of Justice).
  • After a month and a half, sign and collect the certificate of marriage.
  • Optionally, enter the marriage in the Embassy of Spain to be considered valid in Spain (see Marriage Registration Abroad).

Paperwork to marry a Vietnamese / Vietnamese citizen

Vietnamese Marriage Certificate
If a Spanish citizen wishes to marry a Vietnamese citizen, these are the steps and papers to get married in Vietnam:
  • Prenuptial medical certificate: also known as a Certificate of mental health.
  • Birth certificate both.
  • Certificate of marital status of both.
  • Certificate of residence in Vietnam: of the Spanish citizen.
  • Photocopy of passport and visa: of the Spanish citizen, although it is not necessary, better certify it.
  • Photocopy of the ID card: Vietnamese citizen.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Form of marriage: the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam will provide it to US.
  • For divorced: literal marriage certificate with marginal seat of the dissolution of the previous marriage.
  • For widowers: death certificate.

Vietnamese authorities require us between 2 or 3 copies of all documents.

Note: procedures may vary depending on the Vietnamese province where to contract marriage, we recommend in any case confirm with local authorities the roles and procedures required.

How long does it take to get married in Vietnam?

The time required to obtain Vietnamese marriage certificate is a month and a half.

Document translation and legalization of documents Spanish Spanish

all Spanish papers have been translated and legalized.

Where a document legalized Spanish to present in Vietnam?

There are several places to legalize a Spanish in Vietnam document and depend on the type of document. We recommend you read this article: Legalization of documents for filing in Vietnam.

How is legalized Spanish to file a document in Vietnam?

The process of legalization of documents Spaniards in Vietnam involves going through various official bodies. The time required to legalize a document is at least 2 weeks. We recommend you read this article: Legalization of documents for filing in Vietnam.

Where a document translate Spanish to Vietnamese?

Unfortunately there is only one place to perform official translations into Vietnamese is the Embassy of Vietnam.

Prenuptial Medical Certificate

What is the Prenuptial Medical Certificate

The Prenuptial medical certificate is a document that proves that we are not suffering from any mental illness that prevents us to be aware of our actions, as for example, we got married.

Where to get the Prenuptial Medical Certificate

Where to get the Prenuptial Medical Certificate in Vietnam
The Prenuptial medical certificate in Vietnam is achieved in mental health hospitals, there is a specific section for this purpose. Basically a doctor will ask some basic questions about if we suffer or our family suffers from a mental disease or disability preventing us to be aware of what we are doing. It takes 1 day and its price is 200,000 VND, paying a little more, however, will have it in the Act.

Where to get the prenuptial medical certificate in Spain
In Spain the Prenuptial medical certificate is achieved in the centers of medical examination (the same for the driving permit or weapons permit). It is a role of yellow color which will cost you 40€ and is made in the Act. The paper should specify that we do not have any contagious disease and that we are fully aware of our actions.

Birth Certificate

The birth certificate Spanish gets free of the Ministry of Justice of the province of birth. Apply online at this address)birth certificate) And we will send it by post to home within 1-3 weeks.

Certificate of Status

To obtain a certificate of marital status we need to introduce ourselves in person to the Registrar of the village where we are registered. The paper is free and gets in the Act.

Residence Certificate in Vietnam

We repeat Residence certificate in Vietnam of the Spanish citizen, regardless of whether or not it is a tourist. In case of being a tourist, it will be necessary to find a hotel or Inn that is willing to register us in Vietnam. The procedure is performed at the nearest police station and although it should be free, some sites depending on the circumstances can reach us to borrow money.

Photocopy of Passport and Visa

Photocopy of the passport page where the photo Spanish. Occasionally, we also ask the photocopy of Visa to Vietnam. To avoid problems, we recommend collating the photocopy of the passport. In any town hall and library Spain compulsará us a photocopy (previously we carry a photocopy made ​​and pay rates between 1-2€).

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