Overseas Marriage Registration. Registration application form marriage celebrated abroad, documentation, paperwork to register marriage in Vietnam

Foreign Marriage Registration Abroad

Registration at the Embassy of Spain in a marriage celebrated abroad

Documents required for registration of a marriage celebrated abroad

Registration Marriage celebrated abroad

Additional documents in case of marital status of divorced

  • If divorced in Spain: the literal from the previous marriage certificate, with marginal seat of the dissolution of the same or the birth certificate with the marginal note of divorce.
  • If divorced abroad: the "exequatur" issued by the Ministry of Justice in Spain.

Additional documents in case of marital status of widowed

  • The first marriage certificate.
  • Death certificate of the deceased spouse or family book showing the death.


  • All documents issued by an authority other than the Spanish must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of dispatch. Those documents, moreover, must be accompanied by their corresponding translations to the Spanish, latter also legalized.
    Important: Vietnamese civil State certification is exempt from the requirement for legalization.
  • After studying the documentation provided, the Embassy may require additional documentation.
  • Spouses also will be called for a hearing and reserved separately at the offices of the Embassy.

Procedures related to the registration of marriage celebrated abroad and useful information