Top Gear in Vietnam. Season 12, Episode 28: Top Gear Vietnam Special. The guys at Top Gear Vietnam will travel from the South to the North (Halong Bay) to 15 million dong. Used bikes instead of cars to get around Vietnam

Top Gear in Vietnam

Top Gear Vietnam Special

Top Gear Vietnam SpecialThis morning they have cast on the television program Top Gear in Vietnam. For those who don't know, Top Gear is a program of the English string BBC whose main theme are the cars.

Chapter of which we speak is in 2008, specifically the season 12, Episode 28, called Top Gear special in Vietnam.

Top Gear Vietnam Special program

For this special the guys from Top Gear went to Vietnam with a mission: travel around the country starting with the South and ending in the North (in the) Halong Bay) With a total budget of 15 million VND.

It reflects in a more or less amusing everyday situations and cultural clashes that occur when landing in Vietnam... watch it further.

Vietnam currency

To see the shoe box full of millions of Dong (15 million dong, to be exact) our friends at Top Gear is thought they were going to be the richest in the country... will soon much to realize that that amount does not account for over 450€ (see Vietnam currency).

Top Gear Vietnam Special 15 million Dongs
Top Gear Vietnam Special 15 million Dongs

Note: For those who wonder where this photograph was taken, the answer is at the gates of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Trafficking in Vietnam

A gesture as daily as crossing the street by a pedestrian crossing, becomes a sport of risk in Vietnam. In Vietnam the traffic does not stop before a pedestrian, entails some practice be able to cross the Street between trafficking in Vietnam.

Top Gear Vietnam crossing busy street
Top Gear Vietnam crossing busy street

As you can see in the photo, the guys from Top Gear crossed the street side by side, no go single file. Here you have a video demonstration of how to cross the street (and for anyone, a Photos of Hanoi traffic).

the bikes

Top Gear Vietnam transport
As explained in the article Vietnam and motorbikesa car in Vietnam has a price prohibitive, plus our protagonists of Top Gear not had much cash to complete her adventure, made in the special program of Vietnam players in Top Gear used motorcycle, the favorite transport of the Vietnamese people, rather than cars.

Top Gear Vietnam Special bikes Vietnam
Top Gear Vietnam Special bikes Vietnam

Although there are other alternatives with respect to Transportation in Vietnam, A car program would not have been riding on the same bus or train.

Climate of Vietnam

Vietnam's climate is tropical, which means that temperatures are around 30 ° C all year round and that they only have 2 stations: the dry season and the rainy season (see information on Vietnam).

While it is true that it rains a lot in London, the intensity of tropical rain Vietnam is not comparable to a downpour by Piccadilly Circus (London, Saigon, Hanoi), This makes what at first was going to be a nice bike ride, it becomes an odyssey Aquática on a motorcycle.

Top Gear Vietnam tropical rain climate
Top Gear Vietnam climate and tropical rain

Eating in Vietnam

To regain strength and to protect us from the rain, nothing better than stopping to eat in a restaurant, but in a Vietnamese restaurant street.
Plastic tables (or if we're lucky, metal), tiny little chairs and stools furniture is typical of any street stall or restaurant food.

Top Gear eating at a restaurant street in Vietnam
Top Gear eating at a restaurant street in Vietnam

Displaying a photograph of the Top Gear team and our Photos of HanoiThis restaurant is a street restaurant high standard. In this kind of street restaurants, you can sample a variety of dishes Vietnamese cuisine.

Halong Bay

As it could not be otherwise, the Top Gear program elected as final stage to dismiss this special program the Halong Bay.
Natural setting of incomparable beauty, is the perfect spot to reflect all that Vietnam has to offer and how for a bargain price can enjoy a fantastic Cruise on Halong Bay.

Top Gear in Vietnam Halong Bay boat
Top Gear in Vietnam browsing Halong Bay boat

Top Gear Vietnam Special - Halong Bay
Top Gear Vietnam Special - Halong Bay

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