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Adoption in Vietnam

Adoption in Vietnam to adopt a Vietnamese child

Adoption in Vietnam
Being a father is a very important step, so before starting the process of adoption in Vietnam we leave this information:
  • Basic requirements to adopt in Vietnam.
  • Briefing with international adoption agencies.
  • International adoption record for Vietnam.
  • Declaration of suitability to adopt a child or a Vietnamese girl.
  • Pre-allocation by Vietnamese authorities.
  • Constitution and recognition of the adoption international in Vietnam.
  • Follow-up process after the adoption in Vietnam.

Time it takes to adopt in Vietnam

Although adoption in Vietnam is not an exact science, it can take time to adopt a Vietnamese child is 2-4 years, with three years the best estimate in order to avoid false expectations.

Cost of the adoption process in Vietnam

The cost of an adoption, and especially international adoption in Vietnam are high, at around 24,000€ (including travel expenses).

Before you start the adoption process in Vietnam

Basic requirements to adopt in Vietnam

It will only be possible to adopt a son or daughter Vietnamese provided all these basic requirements are met.
  • Be between 25 and 56 years.
  • Be at least 14 years older than the child to adopt.
  • Reside in Spain (depending on the autonomous community, as for example in the community of Madrid, reside in this autonomous community).
  • Having sufficient livelihood.
  • Wait 9 months between the birth of a child or other previous adoption process.
  • Not be receiving fertility treatment or be pregnant.
  • Not suffer from any mental or physical illness that would prevent foster care for the child.
  • Wait one year after a serious family event (divorce, death of a spouse, etc.).

Adoption Process in Vietnam


You have to go to the official body of the Autonomous Community where we reside for information and schedule future briefings.

In the case of Madrid, the organism is the Instituto Madrileño del less and family (IMMF), located on the street Gran Vía nº 14 your hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and phone contact of the IMMF is 91 580 34 58.

Note: if already has adopted another son, don't need to go through this point again.

Form of Offer and request Open Adoption Record

This is the point where all the papers delivered to the official international adoption. The briefing will tell you exactly the necessary papers, but generally will be required to take to have:
adopt Vietnamese
  • Official forms of international adoption.
  • Application of the training course.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Registration certificate.
  • Tax returns for the last 3 years.
  • Medical certificate (the same certificate necessary to contract citizen married / to Vietnamese).
  • Health insurance coverage for the child or Social Security.
  • Criminal record certificate (available in the Ministry of Justice).

Training Course

The training course for international adoption is a course lasting four weeks, but you just have to go one day a week, in small groups (no more than 10 families per course). After passing the course, we give a certificate.

Psycho- Social Study

This study was performed 2 people: a psychologist and a social worker. The study is different depending on the country of adoption, in your case Vietnam.

Statement of Suitability

The Declaration of suitability is the critical point of the intercountry adoption process, here the adoptive family will know if you can or can not adopt. The Declaration of suitability is valid for 3 years, and need to update past that time or if you change of country of adoption.

Application processing

At this point, all bureaucratic frames have been surpassed and the international adoption begins. We must decide if an adoption agency services are used, or if you prefer to do your own through a public entity. To adopt in Vietnam can only be done through an ECAI.

International adoption agencies
Adoption agencies are called ECAI, Collaborating organization of international adoption. These are some adoption to adoption in Vietnam:
  • Interadop
  • ACI
  • Children without boundaries


Vietnamese girl adoptionThe Preasignaciones is the official name given to the procedure by which the Vietnamese authorities choose to adoptive families for each child or a Vietnamese girl.

Travel to Vietnam to pick up child adopted Vietnamese

It is the happiest part of the whole adoption process in Vietnam, travel to Vietnam to pick up the child adopted.
In our website, Vietnamese in Madrid, you will find information on:

Constitution and the adoption Vietnamese Recognition

Can validated adopting your son Vietnamese both in Vietnam and Spain. It's best to avoid problems at airports and border crossings is to recognize the adoption in Embassy of Spain in Vietnam.

Monitoring the adoption of Vietnamese child

Both the Spanish government and the Vietnamese authorities may require post adoption.

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