Ethnicities of Sapa, Vietnam. Ethnic groups, races and tribes in the mountains of Sapa. Colors and traditional costumes of ethnic groups and hill tribes of Sapa.

Sapa Ethnics

Racial ethnic groups of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country where there are 54 different racial-ethnic groups, being the Kinh ethnic group the main breed of Vietnam (85% of the Vietnamese belong to this race class).

Groups of racial ethnic groups in Sapa

They Sapa ethnicities are quite diverse, but we will focus on the more abundant and colorful groups that inhabit the mountains. We can classify the ethnicities of Sapa follows:
Ethnic Vietnamese Sapa
Ethnic Vietnamese Sapa
  • Ethnic Miao: also called ethnic Hmong (H'Mong), largest ethnicity of Sapa. Their Vietnamese traditional costumes are in black colors with decor on either the sleeves, colorful in Brown suits.
  • Ethnicity Dao OJ: very similar to the Hmong ethnic group, they are distinguished because their traditional clothes are also black, but their hats are red (Dao thượng).
  • Tay ethnic group: its Vietnamese traditional dress is simple, usually color indigo or blue dark (Tay).
  • Giay ethnicity: the ethnicity of Vietnam whose costume is decorated for the part neck in very bright colours, as celestial blue, green (Giay).

Sapa racial ethnicities

The mountain region Sapa and the whole province of Lao Cai, due to its proximity to China and rough terrain, is the perfect setting to meet these racial ethnicities.


The tribe ethnic Hmong (or ethnic Miao) comes from southern China, where they began to migrate southward more than 300 years ago, finding this cultural group also in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
It is the largest ethnic minority in Sapa, with over a million people throughout Vietnam Hmong, almost certainly will be the first ethnic group with which we meet in Sapa.
To distinguish them, his traditional Vietnamese dress is very colorful (hat included), but there are other variants of Vietnamese costume, predominantly in black, with decor sleeves in green, red and purple colors.
As curiosity will say in Vietnam never called them Miao, since it resembles the Meow of cats and the Hmong, they consider it a lack of respect.

Miao Hmong Vietnamese mountains of Sapa (Lao Cai, Vietnam)
Hmong Vietnamese mountains of Sapa (Lao Cai, Vietnam)

Indigenous Sapa Vietnam - Hmong Miao
Indigenous Sapa Vietnam - Hmong - Miao

Hmong Vietnamese with toddler in Sapa (Lao Cai, Vietnam)
Hmong Vietnamese with toddler in Sapa - Miao

Ethnic Hmong in Sapa, Vietnam
Sapa ethnic groups - Hmong - Miao
Costumes Hmong ethnic Vietnamese Sapa
Sapa ethnic groups - Hmong - Miao
Sapa racial groups: the Hmong
Sapa racial groups: the Hmong (Miao)

Dao Do

The literal translation is red, and made Red is the predominant of the clothes of this ethnic color, also called Yao ethnicity. It is a culture of more than half a million ethnic group. To distinguish ethnic Dao OJ, the rest of ethnic groups, have to look at the color of the hat, which will be red.

Tribal Costumes Vietnamese montana - Sapa (Vietnam)
Sapa Ethnic - Dao Do
Sapa Ethnic
Sapa Ethnic - Dao Do
Tribe Red Hats - Sapa, Vietnam
Ethnicity red hat Dao Do

Tay ethnicity

Second largest group in throughout Vietnam. Their clothes are dark blue or indigo. Traditionally women dress skirt that reaches to her knees. Tay live in small villages at the foot of the mountains, and often call their villages with the same name as the mountains, rivers or valleys nearby.

Tay Ethnic Sapa - Vietnam
Sapa Ethnic - Ethnic Tay
Sapa Vietnamese Ethnic Costumes
Sapa Vietnamese Ethnic Costumes - Ethnicity Tay
Costume Hmong Vietnamese black dark
Tay ethnic Vietnamese dress blue black

ethnicity Giay

They are a small ethnic group in Sapa, around 30,000 people who are concentrated in the northern part of the mountains. His Vietnamese traditional costume is decorated by the part of the neck and shirt buttons, setting aside more ornaments.

Giay ethnic groups in the mountains of Sapa Vietnam
Giay ethnic groups - Sapa
Giay tribes and groups - Sapa - Vietnam
Giay tribes - Sapa
Breeds Sapa - Ethnic Giay
Breeds Sapa - Ethnic Giay

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