10 reasons to travel to Vietnam. Vietnam 's climate, safety, friendliness Vietnamese, Vietnam 's history and culture, food and cuisine, bikes, shopping and Halong Bay

Reasons for traveling to Vietnam

10 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam

Many people are surprised to discover that Vietnam is a tourist destination for fashion, here is our special list of 10 reasons to travel to Vietnam.

10 - The Climate of Vietnam

Would you like to take a swim on a beach of white sand and crystal-clear in the month of December while you eat mosquitoes and jellyfish? Vietnam is your destination.
Do not believe us? Check it out Vietnam temperatureUsually a pleasant 28 ยบ C.
Vietnamese Speaking of beaches, you have variety to choose from, this is our ranking of the best beaches in Vietnam.

Reasons to Travel to Vietnam - Vietnam beach and climate

9 - Security

In few countries, you have so much sense of security, trust and above all, the absence of any kind of problem or incident. The Vietnamese village is very peaceful and above all, much respected foreign tourists.

Vietnamese Police - Security in Vietnam

8 - The People of Vietnam

The Vietnamese people is friendly, open and very cheerful. Look where you look you will find smiles.
As says the Vietnamese people: you can be sad and watch life go by, or can be happy and watch life go by... but life will pass anyway, so better be happy.

Smiling Vietnamese people reasons to travel to Vietnam Vietnam

7 - the exotic

Asia is a completely unknown, different and exotic world to a Western traveller. Writing, language, customs, food, everything is new. Vietnam will be a sensation for all our senses.

Vietnam tourism exotic exotic trips

6 - The Vietnamese Culture

Vietnamese culture is so widespread and often we do not realize the little symbols of their culture that is uniquely associated with Vietnam.
For example the Vietnamese Hat, that typical Asian traditional conical hat is probably more famous than the flag of Vietnam.
Any traveler who has crossed with a Vietnamese woman will remember safely that beautiful long Vietnamese silk suit worn by the woman.

Vietnamese Girls Suit and Hat - Vietnam culture and tradition

5 - History of Vietnam

Vietnam has been a village to multiple foreign influences, from Chinese people to the French, to the Americans.
The city of Hue, and especially the Hue Citadel are the best example of a past full of Emperors and mysticism. For lovers of recent history, you can visit the many Museums of the Vietnam War existing in the country.

History of Vietnam, Vietnamese influences, French and Chinese

4 - The Motorcycles

the Vietnamese favorite transport It is the bike. If you like motorcycles you will not find another country in the world with more bikes to Vietnam, where it is said that every adult has a bike.
At any time of day or night, rain or shine, the streets are filled with motorcycles and the few drivers who dare to drive a car, have to step aside to let the ceaseless tide of motorcycle.
It is very curious jam motorcycles, motorcycle parking and all the things that are capable of carrying on a motorcycle the Vietnamese.

Traffic motorbikes in Vietnam, jams and traffic chaos

3 - Shopping

Asia is the factory of the world. In Vietnam will buy and buy lots of things, spending a quarter of the money that you spend in Europe or in America.
Shops, markets and markets for buying lost bags, clothes, shoes, accessories, household items, electronics and everything imaginable.
Do you take time to buy? we will leave a list of 5 things buy in Vietnam and also tell you what are the best stores custom clothing in Hoian.

Buy in Vietnam, Vietnamese memories of the trip

2 - Food Vietnamese

Vietnamese food and the cooking of Vietnam is more than rice. Our advice is to try everything and if you like it, repeat.
Here we present a list of Vietnamese recipesprobably the most famous Vietnamese food are the Vietnamese rolls, but you also have seafood and grilled meats (delicious grilled Australian beef steak).
We also suggest eat in Ho Chi Minh City and where to eat in Hanoi.

Food of Vietnam and Vietnamese cuisine

1 - Halong Bay

The most beautiful natural setting, magical and impressive of all is the VietnamHalong Bay.
Blue waters, karst rock formations, a floating village of fishermen, caves with stalactites and stalagmites ahead. essential one Bay Cruise to enjoy this place.

Halong Bay - Vietnam tourism travel motives

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