Differences between ethnic Vietnamese Sapa. Questionnaire or test on the different ethnic groups living Sapa (Vietnam). What are the colroes of ethnicities? Can you tell the colors of the costumes from the mountains of Vietnam?

Vietnamese ethnic groups in Sapa

Differences between ethnic groups in Sapa Vietnamese

After touring the mountains of Sapa and to know a little more about the different ethnic groups living in Sapa We propose a graphic questionnaire about the differences between ethnic Vietnamese Sapa or what is the same, if you are able to identify the ethnic groups of the following pictures.

Questionnaire on the ethnic groups of Vietnam

first Photo

In this photo are two tribes in the region of Sapa. What are they?

Differences between ethnic groups in Sapa (Vietnam)

second picture

This graceful Vietnamese mother with her son, what ethnic group you belong to?

Ethnic Miao Hmong Sapa (Vietnam)

third Photo

This pretty Vietnamese girl, shielding the sun with an umbrella, what ethnicity do you think?

Tribal Costumes Vietnamese montana - Sapa (Vietnam)

fourth photography

Typical market scene in any of Sapa, a woman is buying some vendors. What are your ethnicities?

Colorful costumes of ethnic Vietnamese Sapa

fifth Photo

A young Vietnamese girl, bird in hand, through the mountains of Vietnam. What would you say is your ethnic tribe?

Miao Hmong tribes of Sapa (Vietnam)

sixth Photo

A Vietnamese mother carrying her child on her back in the mountains of Sapa, although it is difficult to see the Vietnamese dress you saw the mother, we can see his hat, which is more than enough to know what their racial ethnicity. Did you know?

Mothers with children in Sapa Vietnamese

seventh photography

This rural Vietnam 's northern mountains wears a costume somewhat different from those typically seen by Sapa, but certain details or rather the absence of them gives us the clue needed to know his ethnicity. Do you know what?

Vietnamese Sapa mountain villages

eighth photography

A somewhat more difficult question, this time a young Vietnamese mother with her son. He can barely see their traditional dress, but the features of his face, the color of traditional dress and hat are enough leads. Now tell us, what this woman belongs ethnicity?

Indian tribes of North Vietnam, Sapa

Photo ninth

During a celebration in a village in Sapa, we saw a small sample of Vietnamese cultures and ethnicities. What ethnicity is part of this girl?

Displays cultural Sapa (Vietnam)

tenth photography

To complete the questionnaire, an easy question. This Vietnamese elderly lady, dressed up and down almost one color, what ethnicity is?

Elderly Vietnamese Sapa

Questionnaire responses

  • Ethnic groups Do Dao and Tay ethnic group. Red Hat reveals to the OJ Dao, the little decorated dark blue suit is the hallmark of the Tay.
  • Ethnic Hmong. The features of the face, the headband that has been in the hair and the decoration of the Vietnamese dress in black sleeves, are unambiguous symbols of the Hmong.
  • Ethnicity Dao OJ. Although not wearing the hat, shoulder strap that takes tied at the waist is the Dao OJ tribe.
  • Ethnic Hmong and ethnic Giay. Decorative and eye-catching costume Vietnamese lady who is standing, is the own of the Hmong. Ladies seated, with his smooth costume with decoration on the neck is the brand identity of the Giay.
  • Ethnic Hmong. Typical colorful costume of Miao.
  • Ethnicity Dao OJ. Red Hat betrays this mother ethnicity Dao OJ.
  • Ethnicity Giay. Costume smooth sky-blue, that although it is not the typical costume, decoration of the neck and shirt buttons gives us the final track.
  • Ethnic Hmong. Hard to picture, but with colors in Green Hat betrays this Hmong Vietnamese mother.
  • Ethnicity Dao OJ. Actually the red colour of the Hat makes it easy to distinguish ethnic Dao OJ.
  • Ethnicity Dao OJ. Red almost at exclusive that this old woman wears classifies their ethnicity as ethnic Dao OJ No doubt.

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