Vietnamese names. Structure and composition of Vietnamese names. How a Vietnamese name and what is the name of a Vietnamese person

Vietnamese names

Structure and composition of Vietnamese names

Vietnamese names have structure and somewhat differently to the European or American names. Here we will try to explain a little more about Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese names. As curiosity will say that the most popular Vietnamese name is Nguyen.

Vietnamese names
Vietnamese names

Examples of Vietnamese names

Best to explain how they form Vietnamese names are examples:
  • Nguyen Thi Minh Thu
  • Le Anh Khoi Nguyen

Structure of a Vietnamese name

After seeing the above examples, we will explain the structure of Vietnamese names:
  • The first part of the Vietnamese name is the family name, in the West is known as surname.
  • According to tradition Vietnamese, then goes a particle to indicate whether it is male or female, although not all Vietnamese continue this tradition. Anh or Văn mens and Womens thi.
  • The third part of the name is the compound name, in the case that has it (in america the equivalent is the middle name or middle name).
  • The last part of a Vietnamese name is the given name.

Continuing with the previous examples:
  • Nguyen Thi Thu Minh Nguyen is the surname, Thi to indicate that she is a woman, Minh Thu compound name and the name of this woman.
  • Le Anh Khoi Nguyen: He is the last, because it is man Anh, Khoi Nguyen compound name and the name of this man.

Curiosities of Vietnamese names

The most popular full name is Nguyen in Vietnam, which was the name of the Emperors of Hue.

Meaning of a Vietnamese name

Vietnamese names are usually chosen words that have some meaning, for example there are names that mean diamond, snow, Gentile, flower, mighty, etc.

Would you like to know what is the meaning of the Vietnamese name of your son?, Preguntanoslo in Vietnamese names forum.

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