The Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi. Tourist attraction located at the corner of Lake Hoan Kiem Hanoi center. Ancient Vietnamese art depicting everyday scenes with puppets

Water Puppet Theater in Hanoi

The Puppet Theatre Water

one of the strangest tourist attractions in Hanoi is Hanoi water puppet theater, an ancient Vietnamese art which represent, using puppets in an aquatic environment, everyday scenes of the old accompanied by music and singing traditional Vietnamese Vietnam.

The Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi - Vietnam
The Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi

Water puppets are very similar to the traditional cloth puppets, but which instead of being supported by children, handled through a system of pulleys and wooden stakes that are hidden under water. The actors who manage puppets behind a backdrop to the bottom of the pool.

The water puppet show

The puppet show lasts 1 hour and consists of 16 bullets.
Each vignette depicts everyday life in Vietnam for years and ancient legends. The puppets, carved lacquered wood, representing fishermen, peasants, emperors, etc..
The entire work is accompanied by music and voice live a small Vietnamese traditional Orchestra located in the left part of the stage.

Water Puppet play - Hanoi (Vietnam)
Water Puppet play
Water puppet theater in Hanoi (Vietnam)
Water Puppets (Hanoi, (Vietnam)
Water Theatre Hanoi (Vietnam)
Hanoi Water Theatre

Entrance fee to the Water Puppet Theatre

There are two types of inputs: first class and second class. The only difference between the two in how far we sat the stage. The price of a first class ticket is 2€ and 1€ second class.
The special pass for Sunday costs half a normal day.

Schedule of the entrance to Water Puppet Theatre

There are several performances a day, being the first representation at 16: 15 hours and the last pass at 21: 15. There is a special pass on Sunday morning at 9: 30.

Theater is very strict with the schedule, the works begin exactly at the scheduled time may refuse access if it arrives late. The theatre opens its doors 20 minutes before the performance, so we recommend to go ahead.

Address water puppet theater in Hanoi

Water puppet theatre is located on Dinh Tien Hoang Street no. 57, easily accessible since it lies in the northeast corner of the central lake in Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake.

Contact the Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi

  • phone: 84 (04) 3 8249494
  • email:
  • :
  • address: calle Dinh Tien Hoang ( Hanoi, Vietnam) 57B

Videos of Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi

These are a series of videos of different moments of the play in the theater of the water puppets.

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