Books about Vietnam in Spanish. Vietnamese books translated into Spanish: Vietnam Travel guides, books set in Vietnam, Vietnamese literature and folktales of Vietnam

Books about Vietnam in Spanish

A recurring theme of our Vietnam forum they are books about Vietnam in Spanish, from here we will try to share Vietnamese literature, not only guides travel of Vietnam or books about the Vietnam war, but also novels of writers Vietnamese, traditional stories of the Vietnam and books set in Vietnam.

Books about Vietnam

Books about Vietnam in Spanish

The vast majority of the books on Vietnam in Spanish can be found at La Casa del Libro, Fnac and bookstores online like Amazon. There is a small so-called physical shop in Madrid Bookseller Oriental.
If you know any bookstore or recommending any book you want, contact us or write on the Vietnam forum.

Vietnam Travel Guides

  • Visual Guide Aguilar Country Vietnam
    Vietnam and Angkor Temples

    Guide Vietnma quintessential visual and as a bonus, the temples of Angkor (in Cambodia). Undoubtedly our favorite Vietnam guide with drawings and diagrams, full color 3D.
  • Lonely Planet Vietnam

    Travel guide and reference manual for the traveler of the prestigious publisher Lonely Planet.
  • Oceano Guide to Vietnam

    A Vietnam travel guide Lonely Planet and alternative to the Country Aguilar.

Books about Vietnam

  • Vietnam Impressions
    Vietnam impressions

    Rather than a comprehensive travel guide is a photo story of Vietnam who found two travelers and their impressions to make contact with that country.
  • Journey to the Mekong
    Journey to the Mekong

    Account of a journey of over 2000 kilometers from North to South Vietnam, by the most famous river in Vietnam and opium route.

Books set in Vietnam

  • The Quiet American
    The Quiet American

    book and movie starring Michael Caine that chronicles the love triangle in Saigon in the 50s between a British journalist, an American and a beautiful Vietnamese.
  • the Lover
    the Lover

    Novel set in Indochina which tells the story of a beautiful 15 year old who falls for a wealthy Chinese merchant, 26.
  • The bowl of lacquer
    The bowl of lacquer

    Love story, struggle and overcoming the lag in Indochinese mid-twentieth century, where the protagonist is a young Vietnamese girl in France.
  • Mai

    The story of a Vietnamese girl who was orphaned during the Vietnam War and eventually was adopted out by an exiled Cuban family in Miami.

Vietnamese literature

  • Kim Thuy Ru Book

    First-person story of a Vietnamese woman from a wealthy family who fled Vietnam with the advent of Communism.
  • The Princess and the fisherman
    The Princess and the fisherman

    The story of a Parisian girl, daughter of Vietnamese immigrants who falls for a boy who fled Vietnam by boat.
  • The land of forgetfulness
    The land of forgetfulness

    Story of a woman whose husband left for the war and left for dead, returns 14 years later, when the woman has rebuilt his life and is married to another man.
  • Blind havens
    Blind havens

    Writer heavily censored by the government to try to remove the demonic mask that has given the enemy in time of war to put a more human face.
  • Untitled Novel
    Untitled Novel

    Testimony from a completely different perspective on the Vietnam War, where a Vietnamese army officer counts as a fight for an ideal and others to benefit from the misfortune of others.
  • Memoirs of a spring
    Memoirs of a spring

    History of the abuses of power after the reunification of Vietnam by the Communist Party, where a composer is imprisoned and how that fact will change your life.
  • Perfume spring
    Perfume spring

    Collection of poems of a woman ahead of her time when criticism inequality and injustice.
  • The Book of Salt
    The Book of Salt

    Narrative on a Vietnamese cook who works for a couple exile.
  • Bitter in the Mouth
    Bitter in the Mouth* (In English)

    In English. Another book by writer Monique Truong Vietnamese which is about a young man in search of his identity and family.

Vietnamese tales

Books about the Vietnam War

  • Ships of War
    Ships of War

    Book was awarded the International Press. The author was a war correspondent in Vietnam and that hell has assumed that conflict.

Other books Vietnamese

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