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From Valencia to Vietnam

The Valencians are great travellers and a fairly large group in Vietnam, therefore we want to share with you a few tips to go From Valencia to Vietnam who have shared with us many Valencians.

  • Flight and displacement: to go from Valencia to Vietnam appears to be 2 major alternatives.

    1) The first choice to go to Vietnam is to go by car from Valencia to Madrid, Park your car in the parking lot of low cost of Barajas airport and fly to Vietnam.
    Note: To be able to park in the Low cost parking at Barajas airport, it is necessary to book in advance over the internet.

    (2) The second option is to take a flight from Valencia to Paris and fly from France to Vietnam.

  • Currency exchange: in Valencia is very difficult to get Dongs, the currency of Vietnam. It is more convenient to carry euros and/or dollars. Once land in Vietnam, use the credit card to remove any cashier Dongs.

  • Visa: there is no Embassy of Vietnam nor Vietnamese Consulate, as comfortable in Valencia as a letter of invitation to obtain a visa directly at the airport in Vietnam.
    We you get the visa for 12$, doing all the paperwork online, without having to scroll.

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