The 10 most popular surnames. The surname or as we call it in Vietnam, the family name, is a fundamental part of who we are. These are the 10 most popular names in the world.

The 10 most popular surnames

The surname, or as we call it in Vietnam, the family name, is a fundamental part of who we are and our name. There are names that are unique, other surnames are funny, and others on the contrary, are so popular that there are millions of people who share it. These are the 10 most popular surnames in the world:

List of world's most numerous surnames

Surname Li or Lee
Surname Li or Lee - Bruce Lee

1) Li or Lee - More than 100 million people

As it could not be otherwise, the most widespread all over the world surname is the popular Chinese Li surname, also called Lee.

Around 8% of the population of China shares this surname or family name.

The surname Li has variants in Korea and also in Vietnam, where Li led to the Vietnamese Ly (Ly) surname.

As a public figure more representative of this surname, we have chosen to Bruce Lee, actor and legend of martial arts.

surname Zhang
Surname Zhang - Zhang Ziyi

2) Zhang - Over 100 million people

Zhang is another very common surname in China, specifically holds the Guinness record for the year 1990. Chinese Zhang surname data of more than 4000 years ago.

As a representative character we have chosen actress Zhang Ziyi, that although we may not know it, is better known than we can imagine. It is for example the leading actress of movies like Tiger, Hidden Dragon and memoirs of a Geisha.

surname Wang
Surname Wang - Cindy Wang

3) Wang - Around 93 million people

The surname Wang is a Chinese surname surnames most commonly used in China and very common.
Specifically the surname Wang has been ranked as one of the most widespread inland of China, with nearly 93 million people.

The literal translation of the surname Wang means King or monarch.

The family name Wang is has extended beyond the borders of China and can be found in Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and Taiwan.

As a representative character, we have chosen the Cindy Wang Taiwanese singer.

Last Nguyen
Last Nguyen

4) Nguyen - More than 36 million people

Nguyen is the quintessential Vietnamese surname, or better said, the name most popular family of Vietnam.

It is estimated that 40% of the population of Vietnam shares the surname Nguyen. This family name dates back to the times of the Imperial Vietnam, where the family of emperors was the Nguyen dynasty (see Hue and Imperial Tombs of Hue).

The surname Nguyen is a symbol of exclusivity, luxury and royalty, as well as being considered one of the most exclusive surnames in Asia.

Although the surname Nguyen is not only limited to Vietnam, but also to many of the countries where Vietnamese have been migrating. As curiosities say Nguyen that occupies the ranking No. 54 of the most popular surnames in France, 57 in America and 7 in Australia.

surname Garcia
Surname Garcia - Andy Garcia

5) Garcia - More than 10 million people

García is a surname mostly spread by the Spanish and Latin world.

Although there are several theories to explain their origin, seems to be that Garcia comes from the Basque country, where the meaning is the young.

Garcia is the most popular of Spain surname, where 3.5% of the population share this surname. In Cuba, Garcia is the 2nd most used surname. Mexico has 4.1 million calls Garcia.

As a prominent character, we have chosen the actor Andy García.

Last Gonzalez
Gonzalez Surname - Eva González

6) Gonzalez - More than 10 million people

Gonzalez is another surname originating in Spain, 2nd in the ranking of surname most popular of Spain after Garcia.

More than 2% of the Spanish people González unusualness, although it is not just limited to Spain, and may find Gonzalez in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Paraguay, as well as being one of the most popular surnames in the Latin world.

In United States, González holds the ranking No. 23 of the most popular of the country name.

As a character we have chosen the model and presenter Eva González.

Hernandez surname
Last Hernandez - Bruno Mars

7) Hernandez - More than 8 million people

Hernandez is a surname that comes from Spain and Portugal, dating back to the 15th century.

Hernandez surname is a patronymic surname, i.e. is composed by joining the names of father, grandfather and some ancestor. Hernandez means son of Hernán or even the son of the traveler.

We find Hernandez in Mexico, United States, Chile, Spain, Cuba, etc..

As a character, we have chosen the singer Peter Gene Hernandez, better known as Bruno Mars.

Last name Smith
Surname Smith - Will Smith

8) Smith - More than 4 million people

Smith is an English surname originating in the United Kingdom, where to this day, remains the most popular country's surname, although there are Smith in Australia, America, Canada (the most widespread surname 2nd), Ireland (the most popular surname 5th).

There is a part of the surname Smith African-American population, which seems to come from the times of the abolition of slavery in America, in which slaves adopted the surname.

It is estimated that 3 million people in United States surname Smith and more than half a million in the United Kingdom.

As a character, we have chosen to actor and singer Will Smith.

Last Smirnov
Last Smirnov

9) Smirnov - Over 2.5 million people

The World Census of 2002, Smirnov (masculine) and Smirnova (feminine) is the surname most common in Russia.

For the surname Smirnov there are variations such as Smirnoff or Smyrnov, all them come from the Russian word smirnyy which means calm, peaceful and gentle.

Although there are several Russian personalities with surname Smirnov, we have chosen the brand of Vodka Smirnoff as representative of this surname.

Muller surname
Muller Surname - Thomas Muller

10) Müller - More than 1 million people

The surname Muller comes from German, where the German Müller Word means Miller.

Muller is the most widespread surname in Germany and Switzerland, and the 5th most popular surname in Austria, the Netherlands and even French as we can find variants Moselle.

Families apellidadas Muller family crest often used as a mill.

As we have chosen the representative character football player Thomas Müller.

source theworldgeography

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