The plateau of Bolaven Plateau, the area where the most famous Arabica coffee is produced Laos. Information on the Bolaven Plateau, associations of coffee producers and the Bolaven Plateau Waterfalls

Bolaven Plateau

The plateau of the Bolaven Plateau is a large area of southern Laos that encompasses the provinces of Champasak (Pakse) and the province of Saravanh. With an average altitude of 1000 metres above the level of the sea and mountains, the Bolaven Plateau is known for its coffee plantations, rivers and water falls.

Information on the Bolaven Plateau

The Bolaven plateau literally means the home of the ethnic group wash, the most abundant ethnic group in this area of southern Laos. Entire Bolaven rises in what millions of years ago was a volcanic area. The small town of Pakxong is the center of the Bolaven Plateau, however the city of Pakse tends to be the starting point for the vast majority of tourists.
The attractiveness of the Bolaven Plateau is not the Laotian coffee or tea plantations, but the stunning water falls.

Coffee plantations in Bolaven Plateau - Laos
Coffee plantations in Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Falls the Bolaven Plateau

Within a radius of 40 kilometers from the city of Pakse we can visit on 1 day most representative of the Bolaven Plateau falls. Among all the falls area, Tad in Laotian language, the most popular are:
  • Tad Fane: with 2 hydrants and a 100 meters high waterfall, the Tad Fane falls are the most spectacular of all the Bolaven Plateau.
  • Tad Yuang: very close to Tad Fane, a beautiful tiered waterfall.
  • The tad and Tad Hang: two falls very close to one another on the outskirts of the village of Tad Lo.
  • Tad E - Tu: the furthest of all the waterfalls in the area, but of great beauty in the Ho Chi Minh trail.
More information about Bolaven Plateau Waterfalls.

Bolaven Plateau falls
The waterfall Tad Fane - Bolaven Plateau

Coffee plantations Bolaven Plateau

Coffee plantations on the Bolaven Plateau are relatively recent, early last century, formerly in Laos is planting the tree of the rubber and banana trees.
The speciality of this area of Laos is coffee Arabica and Robusta coffee. Reportedly, the Bolaven Plateau produces one of the more expensive arabica coffee beans in the world.

Cafe Lao Bolaven Plateau grown
Cafe Lao Bolaven Plateau grown - Laos

Although coffee is the soul of the Bolaven Plateau, this corner of Laos also produces high-quality tea and aroma.

You Lao Bolaven Plateau grown
You are grown in Lao Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Coffee producer associations Laos

While the Bolaven Plateau was the area of production of one of the best coffee in the world and also one of the most expensive, farmers hardly could go forward because of the little money they perceived of intermediaries in the coffee. This fact was the reason why farmers in the area decided to join, thus creating the Association of coffee producers in Laos.

Bolaven Plateau - Laos
Arabica coffee plantations in Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Many of the coffee plantations are in turn a tourist escaparata where farmers teach us proud to own their land and crops, plus teach the production process of the coffee beans. For obvious reasons, these plantations are often tourist-oriented roadside.

Coffee producers Bolaven Plateau
Coffee producers Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Map of Bolaven Plateau

This is a map of the Bolaven Plateau, where you have highlighted major falls in the area and main roads that join the plateau Bolaven Plateau with Pakse and Pakxong.

Map of Bolaven Plateau
Map of Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau related Plateau

  • Bolaven Plateau Waterfalls Tad Fane waterfalls, Tad Lo, Tad Suong, Tad Yuang and Phaxuam cliff
  • Pakse Pakse City, the starting point for visiting the falls Bolaven Plateau
  • Vat Phou champa ruins on the Bolaven Plateau, style similar to the Temples of Angkor
  • Si Phan Don 4000 Islands of the Mekong River as it passes through Laos, 4 hours from the city of Pakse