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Tam Coc

In the North of Viet Nam, Tam Coc, a beautiful natural setting in Ninh Binh province known as the Halong Bay on land we have very near Hanoi.

Ninh Binh

In the North of Viet Nam, the Province of Ninh Binh we have at a distance 90 km to the South of the city of Hanoi. Located in the delta of the Red River, Ninh Binh is a popular tourist destination among travelers to Viet Nam, largely by Tam Coc, Known as Halong Bay on land but Ninh Binh has much to offer travelers.

My Son sanctuary and the ruins of My Son

In the vicinity of Hoi An and Danang we have My Son sanctuary. It is the remains of an ancient imperial of the Kingdom of Champa city that flourished during the centuries 4th to the 13th, these archaeological remains, the most important of the Cham civilization, they have been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site

Visa to Vietnam and Cambodia

To travel to the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam it is necessary to have a visa. This is the information you should know about the visa to Vietnam and Cambodia

The Perfume Pagoda

One of the most popular excursions on the outskirts of Hanoi is The Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong). The Perfume Pagoda, contrary to what its name may indicate, is a set of pagodas and Buddhist temples located 70 kilometres south-west of Hanoi, on top of the mountain of the Perfume (Ha Tay Province). In addition to being one of the most famous spiritual places of Viet Nam, the Perfume Pagoda is a natural with views and incredible landscapes.

Credit cards in Vietnam

Travel to Viet Nam involves having to deal with foreign currency, in the case of Viet Nam, the Vietnamese Dong. They credit cards in Viet Nam are widespread and are the best ally for travelers to Viet Nam.

Weather in Vietnam - recommended month to travel

Is which the best time to visit Viet Nam? Viet Nam is a country in South-East Asia's tropical climate, which means that Viet Nam has 2 stations climatic: the dry season and the rainy season.

Although the temperature is stable throughout the year and rarely low of 24 degrees, there are highlands of Viet Nam, e.g. Sapa, Where it is colder even has snowed once.

Price of Airport taxi in Vietnam

To travel to Vietnam the best option is to use the aircraft. Once aterricemos at any airport in Vietnam, will have to use a taxi to move us up to our hotel or the corresponding city centre of Vietnam.

Visa to Vietnam photos

There are two types of visas to Vietnam, multiple singles and visas visas, which can be obtained at the Embassy of Vietnam or at the airport of destination in Vietnam. Here you have some Photos of the visa to Vietnam.

Plugs and Electricity in Vietnam

Power in Vietnam is 220 volts, meaning that both plugs and electricity in Vietnam are exactly the same in Spain and Europe. For Vietam we won't need any adapter for pins, nor an electric voltage regulator.