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Phnom Penh's Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda

One of the biggest tourist attractions in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, is The Royal Palace (formally Preah Barom Reachea Vaeng Chaktomuk) and The silver Pagoda. These constructions of the year 1860 are a great example of the beautiful and detailed architecture Khmer and Khmer.

Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi

At the end of the network of streets that make up the old quarter of Hanoi is The Dong Xuan market, it's a building that houses a diverse market, than though specialized in sales of textiles to the wholesale, also sells to the retail.

My Tho

One of the gates of entry par excellence to the Mekong delta is My Tho, the capital of Tien Giang Province, located 70 kilometres south of Ho Chi Minh City. Water channels, rowing boats, jungle and history await us on one of the visits by excellence in the vicinity of the South of Viet Nam.

Scams in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful tourist destination that blends modernity and tradition to equal parts, a great place for shopping and also to relax on beautiful beaches. To enjoy the trip it is suitable to take precautions and to warn future travelers, here I discussed the most common scams in Thailand.

What to see and do in Bangkok

All travelers to land in Bangkok, capital of Thailand wondered what to see and do in Bangkok?, bearing in mind that it is the most populous city in all Thailand, here you have a few tracks of sights and points of interest in Bangkok that deserve a tourist visit.

How to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok?

The ancient capital of Siam , the current Ayutthaya Historical ParkIt is an excellent tour in 1 day on the outskirts of the city of Bangkok. Ayutthaya is 76 kilometers north of Bangkok, so transport is necessary to get to this place. The question now is How to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya?

Ayutthaya: the Historical Park of Ayutthaya

In modern Thailand Ayutthaya city refers to the capital of the province of the same name, the province of Ayutthaya and the remains and monuments of the ancient capital of Thailand of the Kingdom of Siam. The ancient city of Ayutthaya is now known with the name of The Ayutthaya Historical Park, located 76 kilometres north of Bangkok.

Visa to Thailand

To travel to Thailand is no longer necessary visa, with the valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months can stay in Thailand for a period of 30 days (in the case of arriving in the country by plane), or for a period of 15 days (If we accede to Thailand through a land or sea border).

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

Cheap Bangkok shopping paradise is called Jatujak, or to be precise the Chatuchak Weekend market. This market, half outdoor half covered, is one of the largest markets in the world and the largest market in Thailand with more than 15,000 positions of market.

Homemade Bean Sprouts - Sprout soybean

Soybeans are one of the most widely used in Asian cooking ingredients. Difficult to achieve, especially highly perishable and expensive kitchen ingredient. We can germinate soybeans at home in a way very easy, fast and above all cheap. Here we tell you this secret of cuisine, the homemade soy sprouts