How to get a travel VISA to go to Spain for Tourism. Information of the procedure to get a visa to Spain for a Vietnamese citizen. Requirements to get a visa to go to Spain from Vietnam

How to get a travel VISA to go to Spain

VISA to go to Spain

Tourist VISA to Spain

Hi everyone,

I had a chance to go to Spain as well as other countries nearby. And this is my experience in getting a visa to go to spain. I hope it helps you one day :)

First, we found out the information on the internet and also at the website of Spanish Embassy in Vietnam ( However, we had to call there to have more information.

Requirements for a tourist Visa to Spain

Then, when he was here, we both went to Hanoi to apply for the VISA. We did prepared some papers, but it wasn't enough. The papers I had until the end were:
  • My CV (get from the embassy)
  • Passport
  • Working contract
  • My incomes
  • The balance in my bank account (financial prove)
  • The movement of my account
  • Invitation letter
  • Booking of flight ticket
  • Insurance
  • Application form (download from the internet)
  • The allowance which says i have my holiday at the traveling time from the working place
All of documents which are in Vietnamese must be translated into Spanish.

For the application I had to go by myself. For the missing papers, we have to go by ourselves or have someone in Hanoi to go to the embassy to apply for you. All the papers have to be delivered by HAND.

Personal Interview

After considering the application, they called for me to arrange an interview. I had to go to the embassy again. If we know English or Spanish we will have the interview with the Spanish themselves. If we can't, there will be a translator.

After passing the interview, I waited for 30 minutes to get my passport with the VISA.

When I came back from Spain, I had to have someone to take my passport to the embassy so that they recognize I had come back.

It was difficult but not too much. You have to be confident!

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