Weather forecast in Hanoi (Vietnam) to 14 days. Hanoi - Vietnam Weather - Current weather in Hanoi, Vietnam. Weather in Hanoi. What's the weather going to do in Hanoi, Vietnam?

Weather in Hanoi Vietnam

Weather in Hanoi Vietnam

What's the weather going to do in Hanoi Vietnam?

Hanoi (Vietnam) has a wonderful tropical climate with an average humidity, since Hanoi, located to the North of Vietnam, is not too close to the sea.

As tropical climate has two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. Although it can be said to have four seasons, at least, the people of Hanoi are convinced.
The average annual temperature is usually lower than 15 ° C, but should not rely: in the cold months like November, December, January and February the temperature can drop to 6-7 º C. By contrast, in the warmer months, as are the summer months (June, July and August), the temperature can reach 38 ° C.

snow Vietnam
Weather in Vietnam can give us some surprises, such as this. At the beginning of 2011 snowed in vietnamIn the region of SapaIn northern Vietnam near the Chinese border and about 350km of Hanoi.

Weather in Hanoi Vietnam, generally will be warm (compared to Madrid), with a chance of rain mainly in the months of June, July and August. The best time of year to visit Hanoi (Vietnam), as time is concerned, it is certainly the end of September, early October. In that period of time, the temperature will be pleasant and a chance of rain not very high.

To summarize the time in Hanoi Vietnam, we can say that the winters are dry and cold (6 ° C - 20 ° C), and summers are hot and humid (24 º C - 38 º C).

Rain in Hanoi Vietnam

Most rainfall occurs during the months of May, June, July and August. They are very intense rainfall, but of short duration (20 minutes). A chuvasquero is recommended over an umbrella for these cases (all Vietnamese, usually keep in chuvasquero motorbikeTo avoid stalling).

Weather in Hanoi Vietnam to 5 days

This is the weather forecast in Hanoi Vietnam for five days.

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