Currency Vietnam: Dong. Vietnamese Dong (VND). The currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong, VND abbreviated. Equivalence against the euro is 28.000VND = 1 €, and against the U.S. dollar is 20.000VND = 1$. Not traded outside Vietnam. To exchange dong currency is best to go to an ATM in Vietnam or a money exchange place in Vietnam

Vietnam currency

Currency in Vietnam: Vietnamese Dong

Vietnamese Dong (VND)

The currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong, whose abbreviation is VND.
Equivalence between the Euro and the currency of Vietnam is 28.000VND = 1€.
Conversion against the American dollar is 20.000VND = 1$.

Although the cost of living is between 2 and 4 times lower than Europe / America, prices tend to be around thousands of Dongs. That is the reason why just coins in Vietnam, there are only tickets.

change Currency

What currency carry Vietnam: Euro, Dollar or Dong?
Practical topics and especially economic best thing is take Dongs.
But it is always convenient to carry another currency, Euros or U.S. dollars. Both are accepted without problems in any part of Vietnam but the US dollar is more widespread than the Euro.

Where to get Vietnamese Dongs in Spain?
Antique Airline Vietnam
We do not know any bank or House of changes that work with Vietnamese Dong (update, tell us that the casa de cambio Exact Change works with Dongs). You can however, make individual contacting any traveler who is back from Vietnam or any Vietnamese residing in Spain. How to contact with people interested in changing Euros by Dong?, easy to use our Forum:

Where Vietnamese Dongs change to Euros in Spain?
Like the previous point, Dong Euro exchange would need to contact any individual to perform the exchange. Use our forum for that:

Where I can change Euros per Dongs in Vietnam?
You can change currency Euro per coin Dong in Vietnam Banks, exchange houses in Vietnam and also some jewelry.
However, the best option is to withdraw money from an ATM in Vietnam.

Why I can not get into my bank Vietnamese Dong or box?
The Vietnamese Dong is not quoted outside Vietnam, is political in the country, the wealth generated left Vietnam in Vietnam. However, international transfers can be provided justifying the reason. For example, if a family member resides abroad and provides documentation that justifies that amount. And for foreigners who carry out their labor activity in Vietnam, can transfer a maximum amount of their payroll, provided that there is a reason (eg: payment of mortgage, etc.).

ATM in Vietnam

Cashiers, whose symbol in Vietnam is ATM (English automatic transfer machine), normally limit the maximum amount to withdraw 2,000.000VND (about 100$). There are ATMs that will allow us to increase that amount to 6 and even 8 billion Dongs (about 300€).

Credit Card in Vietnam

The use of the credit card is not widespread, although large areas and tourist areas accept Visa, MasterCard and minority, American Express. Best to move around the country use the local currency (Dong) which is available in various exchange offices, banks or ATMs. The latter represent the best option.

Facts about the Vietnam currency

Airline Vietnamese Dong
Virtually all the money in course are tickets. Vietnam (Dong) tickets, begin at 500VND and the maximum is 500. 000VND, all they take printed face of Ho Chi Minh City, national Idol, whose mausoleum is in Hanoi, The capital of Vietnam. The reverse can be contemplated various attractions Vietnam, for example, in the back of the ticket is printed 100,000 VND Temple of Literature Hanoi, in the Japanese covered bridge 20.000VND of Hoi An, On the ticket of 50,000 VND Hue Citadel 200.000VND tickets and the Halong Bay.

Photos of the Currency of Vietnam (Dong)

These are photographs of different currency notes circulating in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Dong
500VND ticket (Vietnamese Dong) back.

Vietnam Dong Currency
500VND ticket (Vietnamese Dong)

Vietnamese Dong (Vietnamese currency)
Airline and 2000VND 1000VND (Vietnamese Dong)

Currency Vietnam. Vietnam Dong
50.000VND ticket (Vietnamese Dong)

Vietnamese Dong. Vietnam Dong
100.000VND ticket (Vietnamese Dong), which shows the Temple of Literature Hanoi.

Ticket 200000 Currency Vietnamese Dongs
200.000VND ticket (Vietnamese Dong)

Ticket 200000 Vietnamese Dongs
200.000VND ticket (Vietnamese Dong) showing the Halong Bay

Vietnamese currency
500.00VND ticket (Vietnamese Dong), the most valuable ticket of all Vietnam

History of Vietnam's currency

The Vietnamese Dong is the currency of Vietnam since May 3, 1978, the abbreviation is VND and its symbol is ₫. In Vietnamese writing are written as Đồng. The currency, or rather, banknotes are issued by the equivalent to the Bank of Spain, the Vietnamese State Bank.

Before the reunification of Vietnam, there were 2 coins:
  • the currency of the North of Vietnam, Dong, which replaced the French Indochinese piastre, in 1946 after the revolution against the French.
  • In the South of Vietnam, coin dates from the year 1953, whose name was interchangeably Dong or Piastre. After the fall of Saigon in 1975, the name of the currency was changed to "Dong of liberation".

In addition to the notes of the photographs (500VND, 1.000VND, 2.000VND, 10.000VND, 50.000VND, 100.000VND and 500.000VND) two other legal tender notes: 5.000VND and 20.000VND.
Vietnamese coins (minted in Finland) are 200VND, 500VND, 1.000VND, 2.000VND and 5.000VND). These new coins entered circulation in 2003, but its use is unusual because of the large inflaction the country.

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