Flight to Vietnam. There is no direct flight, you need one scale. Cheap flight with Qatar Airways also offers flights to Vietnam with Thai Airways and Vietnam Airlines. Flights Madrid - Saigon, Madrid - Hanoi. Scale Bangkok, Doha scale

Flight to Vietnam

Flight to Vietnam

Flight Spain - Vietnam

To fly from Spain to Vietnam, there are no direct flights, but that will have to book a flight to vietnam with at least 1 scale. The flight time is 14 hours. The time is Vietnam is 5 hours more during summer or 6 hours more in winter (Vietnam belongs to the GMT time zone).
Flight to Vietnam


When it comes to fly to vietnam, there are mainly 4 companies airlines that offer the best deals and bargain flights: Qatar Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Thai airways and Aeroflot.

As alternatives to these companies, we have other airlines that offer flights to Vietnam, such as Singapore Airlines, China Southern and Korean Air.

Qatar Airways

5-Star airline. Fly from Madrid to Vietnam (Hanoi or Saigon) with a stopover in Doha. Flight Madrid - Doha (MAD - DOH) has a duration of 7 hours and flight Doha - Saigon (DOh - SGN) or Doha - Hanoi (DOH - have) lasts another 7 hours.
Qatar Airways flights are cheaper, costing a roundtrip ticket to an adult about 750€.
Its timeliness is extreme and exquisite treatment, without a doubt, the most recommended option.
As a curiosity I have to say that only once a flight has been delayed for Qatar that we have used, the delay was 15 minutes and the crew (captain included) apologized 6 times.

Vietnam Airlines

The planes are not as modern and are not as well equipped as those of Qatar Airways. It stops in some European city such as Frankfurt, Paris, Brussels,... (about 2 hours flight) and from there fly to Vietnam (12 hour flight).
Due to the influx of travelers in Europe and delays, the time scale must be at least 2 hours.
The ticket price is around 1,100€.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the Thai airline, like Qatar Airways has 5 stars. Fly from Madrid to Bangkok - BKK (MAD), which are 12 hours of flight, and from Bangkok to Hanoi (BKK - have). The back is made from Saigon - Bangkok (SGN - BKK) and Madrid Bangkok (BKK - MAD).
A ticket costs about 1,000€.


The Russian airline Aeroflot has regular flights to Vietnam with a stopover in Moscow (Russia).
With the visa to Vietnam that we handle, it is possible to apply for an transit visa for Russia and take advantage of scale to visit Moscow. The scale in Moscow for Aeroflot flights destined for Vietnam are usually 14 hours.
More information on the procedures for the transit visa at the Russian federation on our forum: Transit visa for Russia.

The company Aeroflot flights normally operate with the Moscow Sheremetievo (SVO) airport, but must be taken into account that in Moscow there are 2 main airports more: Moscow Domodedovo (DME) and Moscow Vnukovo (VKO). If the scale in Moscow means change of airport in transit to Russia visa is essential.

first class

The first class or business class of Qatar Airways is spectacular. Articulated seats that are transformed into bed and have built-in massage, juice Orange, table, tablecloth, knife and metal fork, crystal wine glass and lots of space for legs. Without forgetting the exquisite treatment of the flight attendants.

Flight to Vietnam (Qatar Airways)
Flight to Vietnam (Qatar Airways)

Madrid Flight Vietnam
Madrid Flight Vietnam

Qatar Airways First Class
Qatar Airways First Class

Qatar Airways business class
Business class - Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways seat Control
Business class: massage seat

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