Vietnamese: Vietnamese language. The Languages ​​of Vietnam: the Vietnamese. The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese, spoken by 65 million and 2 million Vietnamese migrants (mostly in France). English is a language that is also spoken in Vietnam, especially in tourist spots and by students. Trivia, grammar rules, pitch accents Vietnamese language.

Languages in Vietnam

Vietnamese: Vietnamese language

The Languages of Vietnam: the Vietnamese

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese, spoken by 65 million Vietnamese and by 2 million migrants (mostly in France). English is a language also spoken in Vietnam, especially in tourist spots and by students.

Language in Vietnam
Language in Vietnam

Facts about the Language of Vietnam

Vietnamese alphabet

The Vientamita language shares the same alphabet than the Spanish, the Latin alphabet, unlike its neighbors China, Thailand and Cambodia that use other alphabets. However the Vietnamese has 12 vowels and 17 consonants, as curiosity will say that the Greek and is considered a vowel in Vietnamese.

Words in Vietnamese Language

All words are monosyllables, e.g. Vietnam in Vietnamese says Việt Nam, as you can see, are actually 2 words.

Vietnamese Language Grammar Rules

Vietnamese students
Grammar rules are very simple. Verbs are not declined (as in Spanish), nor change the genre depending on if it is male or female. To conjugate a verb only need to put the verb and add, if applicable, a particle to change the verb tense (style will from English to transform a verb in future).

Plurals in Vietnamese

There is no plural, or better said, the plural is not used in the same way as the Spanish. In Vietnamese it is said a motorcycle, two bike since "two" indicates explicitly the plural is not necessary to indicate two motorbikes.

Personal Pronouns in Vietnamese

More distant Vietnamese language feature with respect to the Spanish or English are the personal pronouns. In Vietnamese there is no I, you, he, etc itself. When speaking, there to consider the age of the person with whom we are talking about and your gender. The equivalent would be brother to younger, older brother, older sister, etc.
For example, if a guy talks to a girl older than him, would refer instead of "you" as " brother".

Vietnamese pronunciation: Vietnamese accents

The trickiest part of the Vietnamese language is undoubtedly pronunciation. The Vietnamese has six pitch accents, for example:
  • ma (ghost)
  • MA (cheek)
  • MA (but)
  • MA (rice seeds)
  • MA (tomb)
  • Ma (horse)
These accents indicate how you have to modulate his voice. Best view with this graphic:

Vietnamese pitch accents

In order to write the Vietnamese tonal accents in a conventional computer keyboard, a program called Unikey software is necessary. Basically write the letter that should have accent and then press one of the keys F1 to F7 to transforming lyrics into the accented letter.

Language History of Vietnam

The Vietnamese language was a language mostly spoken, although some sources indicate that there was a writing deribada of china. But it was 350 years ago when a French monk (Alexandre de Rhodes) implemented the current writing system, that is why they use the Latin alphabet.

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