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Information about Vietnam

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Information on Vietnam

Visa and passport to Vietnam

Most of the tourists will need Passport and visa for Vietnam, regardless of whether the arrival is by land, by sea or by air. We recommend to read the article Vietnam visa.

Vaccinations for Vietnam

It is not necessary to be vaccinated to travel to Vietnam and not need immunization record to enter the country. However, the World Health Organization (who) recommended for any trip to Southeast Asia the following vaccines:
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • tetanus
  • rubella
  • measles
  • mumps
  • diphtheria
  • typhoid
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Vietnam currency

The currency of Vietnam is Vietnamese Dong (see Vietnam currency). No outdoor quoted and therefore, it is difficult to get change currency outside Vietnam Dong. It's best to use a local ATM a money exchange in Vietnam.
The conversion of the currency of Vietnam (Dong) against the euro is about 1 euro = 28,000 Vietnam Dong. Against the U.S. dollar is $1 = 20,000 Vietnam Dong.

Language in Vietnam

The language of Vietnam is the Vietnamese language (see Language in Vietnam). Its pronunciation is similar to Chinese but writing is Latino.

Climate of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of tropical climate, so the climate of Vietnam is hot. Rainy season ranges from the months of May to November, although it varies depending on the area.

Weather in Vietnam

Vietnam Weather: Weather Forecast for major cities of Vietnam:

When visiting Vietnam?

The best times of year to visit Vietnam are:
  • Lunar new year (Tết Festival): mid-February. Across the country celebrating this important event, decorating the streets and red-coloured houses.
  • End of the rainy season: September, early October. Heat is not as stifling as in the time dry and we will make sure that the probability of rain is scarce

Time in Vietnam

Vietnam is located in the GMT time zone, which means that in summer in Vietnam are 5 hours more than in Spain, and in winter in Vietnam are 6 hours more than in Spain.

Flight to Vietnam

More information on Flight to Vietnam.

Flight time to Vietnam

A flight takes 14 hours to Vietnam because Vietnam is far 12,000 km from Spain.

Customs in Vietnam

A visitor can access Vietnam with:
  • One liter of alcoholic beverage
  • A maximum of 200 cigarettes
  • A cash amount not exceeding U.S. 3$000

Food in Vietnam

The food in Vietnam is quite varied. The use of pepper is not as common as in Thailand, but some may be slightly spicy dishes. For more information Vietnamese cuisine

Food court in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam
Food in Vietnam

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