Shopping in Vietnam. Shopping in Vietnam: 5 things to buy in Vietnam. For shoppers, these are the five things you should buy in Vietnam.

Shopping in Vietnam

Shopping in Vietnam: 5 things to buy in Vietnam

For lovers of shopping, asking about shopping in Vietnam, here are 5 things you should buy in Vietnam.

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Shopping in Vietnam

5 shopping in Vietnam

  • Vietnamese hatknown as conical hat or Non là in Vietnamese language. Without a doubt the symbol par excellence of the country, if you travel to Vietnam must purchase a Vietnamese Hat.
    Vietnamese hat (non la or conical hat)
  • Vietnamese costumesuit length of silk called Áo Dài. Elegance and Vietnamese tradition gathered in a traditional long dress of Vietnamese women.
    Girls Ao Dai Vietnamese Suit
  • Buy a natural coconut, that us open to machete blow to get a straw and drinking coconut milk. How much more better fresh.
    Shopping Vietnam. Natural Coco
  • Buy Vietnamese crafts. Paintings, lacquered trays, jewelry, beadwork, woodcarvings, sculptures in stone, etc. The Vietnamese are a few excellent artists, being the choice of lacquered crafts the most recommendable.
    Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Buy a replica of brand in any Vietnam market. Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Levis, etc. You can also find replicas and forgeries of any brand in Vietnam. As a curiosity you can buy Levis, helmet moto Dolce & Gabbana or Emporio Armani underwear coasters.
    Shops in Hue, Vietnam

Snuff in Vietnam

As there seems to be interest in the subject, write about snuff.
The price of snuff in Vietnam is much lower than its price in Europe, especially if we buy local brands. All other trademarks that exist in Spain, such as Marlboro, easily found almost anywhere.

Buy snuff in Vietnam

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