Recommendations in Vietnam. Recommendations for making the trip to Vietnam: visa and passport, Vietnam weather and temperature in August, Vietnam currency, exchange money for Vietnam. Vaccines required for travel to Vietnam.

Recommendations in Vietnam

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Visa and passport to Vietnam

Before trip to Vietnam, the first recommendation is the Passport and visa for Vietnam. A visa is required to travel to Vietnam. We recommend to read the article Vietnam visa or contact the Embassy of Vietnam.

Vaccines required for travel to Vietnam

It is not necessary to be vaccinated to travel to Vietnam, nor is us required Primer of vaccination at the time of entering the country.

Vietnam currency: money in Vietnam

The official currency of Vietnam is Vietnamese Dong (see Vietnam currency), although in the tourist places accept American dollars and even Euros (Note: only accept banknotes, do not accept coins). Vietnamese Dong is not listed on the market, which means that it will be difficult to get Vietnamese Dong outside Vietnam. The best recommendation is to use a cash machine to our arrival in Vietnam or of changes in the country house and to not go short of cash, take some Euros or dollars.
The official exchange rate of the currency of Vietnam (Dong) against the euro corresponds approximately to 28,000 Vietnam Dong per Euro. Regarding the 20,000 Dollar Vietnam Dong.

Language in Vietnam

Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam (see Language in Vietnam). Latin script and similar to the Chinese pronunciation. English is spoken in the tourist areas, but recommend you to take a small Pocket Dictionary (any phone last generation, either an iPhone or an Android have dictionary applications in several languages, that will be very useful in according to situations).

Climate of Vietnam, Vietnam temperature

Vietnam's climate is hot and humid, Vietnam is a country tropical . The tropical climate of Vietnam has only 2 seasons: the dry season and the rainy season (although in the North of Vietnam, have 4 stations, for example in the mountainsSapa). Rainy season ranges from the months of May to November, although it varies depending on the area. We recommend you to take a PoleStar better than an umbrella and walking plastic flip-flops (as do the Vietnamese), as they are fresh, light and dries out easily in case of rain.

the Sun

In Vietnam the hot sun strongly recommend to use sunscreen at all times, sunglasses, hat or cap. Also long sleeves and long pants (of tissues such as flax) to prevent sunburn.

Weather in Vietnam

The weather in Vietnam, updated today with 7 days forecast for major cities of Vietnam:

When visiting Vietnam?

Our recommendation when visiting Vietnam is:
  • Lunar new year (Tết Festival): corresponds in mid-February, it is the equivalent of Christmas and new year. Referred to as Chinese new year and Lunar New year. Vietnam celebrate this important moment of the calendar, engalonandose red (streets and houses).
  • End of the rainy season: September, early October. The temperature is not so high and the chance of rain will be much lower

Customs in Vietnam

Under the regulations, a tourist can access leading Vietnam:
  • Alcohol: a liter of spirits
  • Snuff: maximum 200 cigarettes
  • Cash: the amount of cash can not exceed 3000 USD

Food in Vietnam

The Vietnamese cuisine is vast and varied, usually the food is not spicy, but the use of spicy, especially chili, is common (not as much as in Thailand), we recommend carefully reading the menu in restaurants or ask the waiters. For more information Vietnamese cuisine

Food court in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam
Food in Vietnam

Food court in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam
Foor court in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam

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