Vietnam Travel Tips. List advice before traveling to Vietnam. Recommendations for making the trip to Vietnam. Things to Do Before You Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Tips

Tips for preparing your trip to Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Tips
This is a list of travel to Vietnam tips based on some questions and doubts that have people who are preparing their travel to Vietnam.

List of things to do before travel to Vietnam

Only three things are necessary before embarking on our trip to Vietnam:
  • Passport: to cross any border, including the border Vietnamese, is essential to the passport with at least 6 months of validity.
  • Visa: required a visa to enter Vietnam (we manage the visa for 12€, learn the Price of Visa to Vietnam).
  • Money: the Vietnam currency Vietnamese Dong is, almost impossible to get out of Vietnam. The most practical is to take American dollars and use credit cards to withdraw cash at any ATM Vietnamese.

FAQs about the trip to Vietnam

Flight to Vietnam

This article discussed in depth the issue of Flight to Vietnam. To summarize the details of a flight to Vietnam, the duration of the flight are 14 hours, and unfortunately there is no direct flight. We recommend as airline Qatar Airways.

Travel Agency for the visit to Vietnam

The journey can be for free, since Vietnam is a country very safe or on the contrary, you can choose to hire the services of a travel agency.
Any Spanish travel agency has a presence in Vietnam, by what is indifferent to hire a Spanish intermediary services (either the viajes el Corte Inglés, Viajes Halcón or any other tour operator) that they subcontraran services to an agency Vietnamese, so if someone wants to save a few euros, we recommend contact with some Vietnamese travel agency and contract directly with them the trip.

Maps of Vietnam

here you will find Maps of VietnamWith street, flat and tourist spots of the country's major cities.

Transportation between cities of Vietnam

We do not recommend the train, as it is quite uncomfortable. The best is to use the aircraft for long distances (for example, to navigate to) Danang), A van or truck to move between cities or for transportation to places where there is no airport, such as from Hanoi up Halong Bay. And to scroll through the different cities of the country, on foot or by taxi.

Taxi Companies in Vietnam

Unlike Spain, taxis in Vietnam pertenencen to different taxi companies, whose prices vary. Although any taxi company is valid, provided they have a taximeter, we only use and recommend these two Vietnamese taxi companies ( more about Taxi Companies in Vietnam):
  • Mai Linh
  • Vinasun

Taxi Vietnam
Taxi in Vietnam

Hotels in Vietnam

Hostels in Vietnam

We do not recommend the Vietnamese hostels, a hotel of middle class in Vietnam has the same price as a European hostel.

Hotel in Hanoi

Because Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, the hotel prices are higher than in other cities. We recommend a hotel in the center of HanoiIe, about Hoan Kiem.

Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City

A 4-star hotel is around 60€ per night (including breakfast in a double room), preferably in District 1, near the Ben Thanh Market.

Language in Vietnam

The Vietnamese language

In Vietnam Vietnamese is spoken, the grammar rules are very simple, but the pronunciation is very complex (read more about Language in Vietnam.

Shopping in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country very cheap compared with Spain, and given its proximity to China, the factory of the world, shoppers will enjoy the beauty of Shopping in VietnamIn any of the myriad of Vietnamese markets.

Climate of Vietnam

Temperature Vietnam

Vietnam is a tropical country washed by the China Sea. The temperature is hot and humid weather. In the north of the country (Sapa or Hanoi) temperatures can drop to 15 º C.

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