Invitation letter for Vietnam. Visa approval letter. Where you get the invitation letter, how much, how many days it takes the invitation letter and more questions about letters of invitation for visas to travel to Vietnam and

Invitation letter Vietnam - approval letter

Letter of invitation to travel to Vietnam

Vietnam Invitation Letter - Visa on Airport

Do I need an invitation letter to travel to Vietnam?

The letter of invitation for Vietnam is only necessary if we opt to get our Visa on arrival in the main airports of Vietnam (Hanoi, Airport so are Nhat of Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang).

If, however, obtamos get our visa by the Embassy of Vietnam in Spain will not need a letter of invitation.

Who issues the letter of invitation to enter Vietnam?

Only the authorities of Vietnam may issue letters of invitation (the) Embassy of Vietnam (does not issue invitation letters).

How to get the letter of invitation to visit Vietnam?

To get the letter of invitation to enter Vietnam the best is to contact a Vietnam tourist agency that handled us the letter of invitation.

What agency or website use to process the letter of invitation from Vietnam?

You can use either, and if you want, we will get the visa for 12€.

How long does a letter of invitation to travel to Vietnam?

Time to issue a letter of invitation is Max 3 working days, paying an extra more than money, will be one overnight (must take into account the) time difference with Vietnam).

How much money is the invitation letter for Vietnam?

The price of the invitation letter depends on the Agency, the average price of the invitation letter is 2$0 (USD).

In my letter of invitation are more people, is this normal?

Yes it is normal, to streamline the procedure for the issue of a letter of invitation, in the same letter of invitation may appear up to 20 different people.

What does the invitation letter for Vietnam?

This is the aspect that has the letter of invitation to Vietnam.

Vietnam invitation letter. Vietnam Visa on arrival
Invitation Letter to Vietnam

Do you need visa my minor children?

The children or minor children need a visa to enter Vietnam just as they need a passport to travel.

Are you still with doubts concerning visas for Vietnam and the invitation letter?

You can make any inquiries in the Vietnam Forum.

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