How to pay the visa to Vietnam to command the Embassy if the mail? The visa is paid by money order, never getting paid money in the envelope. It sends and receive the passport back in 3 weeks

Vietnam Embassy Visa Payment

How to pay the visa to Vietnam Vietnam Embassy in Madrid?

All the travelers who are unable to physically move to Madrid to the Embassy of Vietnam to surrender his passport to the Visa to Vietnam have three options:

Passports and Visas to Vietnam
Passports and Visas to Vietnam

  • Send the passport by postal mail to the Embassy of Vietnam in Madrid.
    The payment of the cost of the visa to the Embassy of Vietnam is made through a postal giro on behalf of the Embassy of Vietnam in Madrid.
    Important: do not send cash, checks or any other means of payment in the envelope.

    With our passport, we must also send a self-addressed envelope (i.e., paid the stamp) with our address so that the Embassy of Vietnam send back our passport, 1 photo and visa application form (download the) Visa application form at the Embassy to Vietnam).

    The time that it takes to obtain a visa is 3 weeks: 1 week to send the passport and that the Embassy, receives it 1 week so the Embassy processing visa and 1 week so the Embassy send back passport.
    To expedite the process, you could use courier services or ask a family member or friend who approaches in person to the Embassy.

  • If for reasons of time, for reasons of money, directly or can not afford the luxury of your passport is lost in the mail, then you should reconsider getting the call on- arrival visa or landing visa, faster and affordable (half the price than in the Embassy and in just 2 - 3 days).
    The problem is that can only use this option go to Vietnam into aircraft and land at the airport in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang.
    Although if you add the price of the visa in the Embassy, urgent, courier charges may compensate us reconsider the trip to Vietnam and book a plane ticket.

  • If you go before traveling to Vietnam to visit other Asian country (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, Hong Kong, Japan, etc) you can try to get a visa in an Embassy of Vietnam of any Asian country.
    Here the main risk is that not get visa and stay on the border of Vietnam.

Our recommendation is that you take a visa before traveling to Vietnam and enjoy the journey.

Once you have a visa to Vietnam 're interested