Where to eat in Nha Trang. List of restaurants and places to eat in Nha Trang dishes like bird 's nest soup, rolls and Vietnamese dishes

Where to eat in Nha Trang

The coastal town of Nha Trang It is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam, during the visit to Nha Trang, do not let pass the opportunity to sample some of the dishes of Vietnamese cuisine, specifically the bird's nest soup is one of the most famous dishes of Nha Trang. Don't know where to eat in Nha Trang, here you have a list of recommended sites.

The streets of Nha Trang
The streets of Nha Trang

  • Restaurant Bánh Canh Ba Thừa in the Yersin Street no. 55. The specialty is noodle with fish.

  • restaurant Nem Nuong van Quyen Đặng Phan BOI Chau Street no.2. We recommend eating Vietnamese rolls.

  • Restaurant Lạc Cảnh in the Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiem Street n º 44. This restaurant is famous for beef and is also the perfect place to try traditional Vietnamese food.

  • Any of the restaurants of the so-called Street of foreigners, the Street Biet Thu. The perfect Street to go to eat and to go shopping.

  • Restaurant, lounge and night club: Sailing Club in the Street Tran Phu No. 72. Spectacular terrace overlooking the sea and gathering place for lovers of diving.

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