Vietnam Travel Guide. Vietnam Travel Guide, Vietnam basic information, cities and places to visit, advice and guidance to prepare the trip to Vietnam

Vietnam Travel Guide

This is a Travel guide to Vietnam compiling the points most important and preparations if you intend to travel to Vietnam.

Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam Facts

Vietnam Travel Guide
Vietnam Travel Guide
  • To travel to Vietnam is need a visa
  • 88 Million people, live in Vietnam where the official language is Vietnamese (also English and French spoken).
  • Vietnam climate is tropical, with an average annual of 24 Âșc temperature.
  • The currency of Vietnam is the Dong, difficult to get out of Vietnam.
  • The Vietnamese food is very varied, which is predominantly rice and its derivatives.
  • Means of transport par excellence is the bike.
  • Vietnam is very safe, there is no problem to travel only to Vietnam.
  • The Vietnamese are a friendly people, friendly and open.

How to prepare your trip to Vietnam?

From our point of view the first thing is the plane ticket. In Vietnam there are 2 points of entry par excellence which are the city of Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) and the city of Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon and capital of the South).
Round recommend flying to Hanoi, Vietnam tour from north to south and back home from Ho Chi Minh City.
Additional Flights to Vietnam.

What sites to visit Vietnam?

Places of Vietnam
Places of Vietnam

If there is a place in Vietnam that you can not go without knowing is the Halong Bay.
Regarding possible itenerarios by Vietnam, here you have a small proposal Vietnam places to visit.

Vietnam Travel Guide

We offer you a series of visual guides to the cities of VietnamWith information of tourist places, points of interest, monuments, maps, etc..

What to bring to Vietnam?

Essential the sunglasses and eager to visit and get to know a completely new country. For lovers of shopping, carry a suitcase with lots of free space (you can check markets, things to buy and more on our shopping section).

When to go to Vietnam?

Any time of the year is good to travel to Vietnam.
The dates are listed in Vietnam's Lunar New Year (or Tet holiday) in late January, early February. The country is decked out and the streets are stained red people and celebration. In contrast, during the Tet holiday hotel occupancy will be larger and more expensive plane tickets.

Hazard / Safety in Vietnam

Vietnam is very safe, no there is no problem or danger in travelling alone or traveling alone to Vietnam.
In big cities only keep track of belongings and wallet.

Food in Vietnam

Although hard to believe, the typical Vietnamese food is in the street, in any of the thousands of street stalls you will find throughout the country. Based on Vietnamese food is rice, we recommend you try the typical soups Pho, the Vietnamese rolls, and of course, a good dish of steamed rice.
Additional information on Vietnamese cuisine and recipes.

Vietnam Travel Guide, recommendations and more