Visa Exemption for Vietnam. Vietnamese Family visa exemption. The familiaries of a Vietnamese citizen can apply for a visa waiver, valid for 5 years

Visa exemption for Vietnamese family

Visa Exemption for Vietnamese spouses

Before entering Vietnam a visa is necessary, however the spouses and children of Vietnamese are entitled to apply for the exemption of visa for Vietnamese family. It is basically a special type of visa that is valid for 5 years and which allows entering or exiting Vietnam without any restriction.

Visa exemption for Vietnamese spouses

Application Requirements Visa Waiver

  • Visa waiver request form
  • 2 photographs size card
  • Payment of a fee (20€)
  • Original and photocopy of Passport (the applicant and Vietnamese)
  • Document proving the kinship with the Vietnamese citizen (e.g. family book)

Application Form for Vietnam Visa Waiver

Application Form for Vietnam visa exemption
Application Form for Vietnam visa exemption - page 2

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