Tailor mader clothing and footwear in Hoian. Dresses, suits, shirts and shoes as in Hoian (Vietnam). Shopping for clothes tailor- make dresses in Hoian. The best tailors and tailoring of Hoian.

Custom made clothing in Hoian

Shopping for clothes as in Hoian

Hoian city is well-known for its tailor, their clothes tailor-made and their silk dresses made to measure both for man and for woman. This is our list of the best shops to buy a suit to measure or handmade shoes in Hoian. By Vietnamese in Madrid.

Where to buy dresses as in Hoian?

There are a multitude of shops around Hoi An where can we buy costumes made to measure. Most of the shops of Hoi An, is located near the Japanese covered bridge (Tran Phu, Tran Hung Dao streets).

The best tailors in Hoian

This is our list of the best stores to get clothes and shoes as in Hoian, both men and women.

Yaly Couture

Yaly Couture Hoian
Street Nguyen Thai Hoc 47 have at Yaly Couture, the most famous tailoring of all Hoian.

Yaly has 2 shops in Hoian, the premises of life, near the bridge and a huge villa situated at the end of the same street. Yaly boasts a great tradition as tailoring, their designs, both for man and for woman, are elegant and modern. Yaly also makes custom shoes, especially of women.

The strong point of Yaly is it is the shop of Hoian which has greater variety of designs, being the perfect choice if you are looking for clothes more fashion.
On the other hand, being the most famous and most recommended by guidebooks of Hoian, store Yaly is more expensive stores and more crowded, so if you have little time to make the suit, Yaly perhaps not appropriate tailoring.

A Dong Silk

A Dong Silk - Hoi An
the great alternative to Yaly is A Dong Silk. Shop fully oriented to tourists, a little further away from the center of Hoian than the rest of shops, on the street Tran Hung Dao 62 . Dong Silk they are specialists in suits for men, however they have a great collection of clothes for women.

Highlights of A Dong Silk is that they are faithful to the motto clothes tailored and customized, placing a great emphasis on that the finish and how clothing becomes the client. They also accept orders by internet and sent to all over the world.
The dedication, the materials and finish are paid, being A Dong Silk the shop most expensive of all, however if you are looking for is a good suit for to journal A Dong Silk dress is the place where to buy it and without a doubt, our favorite of Hoi An store.


Wool Silk Hoi An - Vietnam
the right to buy more informal clothes tailored in Hoian is undoubtedly Wool Silk, with two shops very close together, in the heart of Hoian, in the street Tran Phu 130 and Le Loi 94 Street .

Wool although not as famous as the previous shops, begins to shine with their own light in tailored clothing business. The main advantage compared to the rest of tailors is a price lower, however, if you are looking for is a good suit to dress daily, perhaps wool is not the most suitable place.

Bao Khanh Silk

Bao Khanh Silk
Bao Khanh Silk is an obscure, as although it is located on the main street of Hoi An, is outside the core of the city where all the tailors focus.
Bao Khanh Silk has an impressive collection of dresses for women, reserved for special occasions than designs that may have wool.

Located in the street Tran Hung Dao 110 , one of the points strong Bao Khanh silk are dresses tailor-made for women, as drawbacks we would say that the price is similar to its competitors.

Store Locations

The best shops of clothes, dresses and shoes made-to-measure / commissioned by Hoian are in the vicinity of the Japanese covered bridge of Hoian.

Recommendations for shopping in Hoian

Our proposals for when buying a suit, dress or shoes as:
  • No pages in advance (not even a deposit).
  • The action is the most important part, not you impatiently.
  • Indicates precisely how you'd like your costume or shoes.
  • If you have a clear idea of how should be your costume or shoes, takes a photo of the product you want.
  • Quality has a price. If you want a nice souvenir of Hoian to store in the closet, with 40€ is more than enough, if instead you want a costume to wear on a daily basis or for special occasions, think spend 200€.
  • If you have a suit or shoe that suits you well, take it with you to tailor / craftsman has a reference.
  • Cheaper fabrics and materials are not so bad, is worth a look before you opt for more expensive materials and fabrics.
  • If you only have 1 day to do a suit, dress or shoes, the quality of the final product and above all, finish, it will not be perfect. The recommended period for a tailored suit are 3 days.
  • We recommend try on clothes in the shop once so let's see how we feel and if there is any auction or adjustment. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to achieve perfection on the first.

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