List of 10 things you should know about shopping in Vietnam. The golden rule for shopping in Vietnam. Prices and haggling to buy in Vietnam. What is the best time to go shopping

10 things you should know about shopping in Vietnam

Travelling to Vietnam? perfect, you'll enjoy a wonderful climate, going to visit some incredible places and probably you'll end up buying many more things than you had intended, so that you can enjoy shopping in Vietnam, we want to share the list of 10 things you should know about shopping in Vietnam, !sshhh it's a secret so don't share it with anyone.!!!

Shopping in Vietnam

The 10 Things You Must Know to shop in Vietnam

  • The rule of thumb for shopping in Vietnam is: If it is manufactured in Vietnam is cheap, if there is import that is very expensive.

  • Price is negotiable, we are going to you haggle (or as they say in Vietnam, wondered about the discount).

  • Malls are for tourists and people of money. If you intend to buy cheap and look for bargains, a few department stores is not the appropriate place to look for bargains.

  • When it comes to pay, the price will be cheaper if we pay in Dong rather than dollars or euros. The reason is simple, the banks only accept foreign banknotes, anything from coins. If we pay purchases in euros all cost 5€ minimum and if we pay in dollars, the minimum will be $1.

  • The best time to buy is first thing in the morning or late in the evening.

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    Vietnam Figurines
    Vietnam Figurines
    Bags and accessories Ben Thanh Market. Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam
    Bags and Accessories

  • There is a point of shopping where we can buy everything at a good price, but you have to go looking for different zones specialised in every kind of product.

  • The jobs Street s are the best ally of the lover of the purchases. If travel by Vietnam you find a roadside post, don't think twice and stopping to buy.

  • There are forgeries of brands and replicas of all items in the market, luxury brand bags are the best example.
    As curiosia thing we would say that there are falsifications of articles that do not exist, such as Levi's coasters and motorbike helmets Dolce & Gabanna.

  • In Vietnam is forbidden to sell fakes of certain brands, for example Louis Vuitton, that translates into that trade won't view the article but that does not mean that they do not sell it, ask the seller that it will then draw some hiding place a Louis Vuitton or a Gucci bag.
    As a curiosity we will say that the Government argues that the brands that have stores in Vietnam may not falsify, but actually marks that do not pressure the Government can falsify without problems, as for example Ralph Lauren.

  • Generalizing, the South of Vietnam is cheaper than the North, i.e., purchases are cheaper in Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi.

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