Price of Visa to Vietnam. To travel to Vietnam need a visa, the visa price is 12 € with possibility of discount. The price of the visa at the Embassy are 70 € without any discount.

Vietnam visa price

To travel to Vietnam, it is necessary to have a visa. Gets the visa to Vietnam from a price per visa to Vietnam from 14$ per person depending on the number of visas to be processed. The price of the visa to Vietnam in the Embassy are 100$ without any discount groups.

Visa FAQs

  • Why is it so cheap?
    The big difference in price between the visa issued by the Embassy, and ours is that our visa has a limitation: the first time you come to Vietnam must be via airport, other times you can enter and exit at any Vietnamese border (land, sea and air). The vast majority of foreign tourists use the plane to travel to Vietnam with which this limitation is not no problem.

  • During my trip, I'm going to enter several times to Vietnam I'm worth your Visa?
    Of course you do. With our visa can enter Vietnam (via airport the first time), visit any country in the region (eg, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand,...) and return to Vietnam without objection by any border. We remind you that in these second and subsequent entries are limited and may enter Vietnam by any border (maritime, land or air).

  • Would allow this visa to Cambodia / Laos by road or boat?
    Yes, you can leave Vietnam with direction to Cambodia, Laos or any destination using any means of transport (aircraft, boat or speedboat, bus) and if you wish, then return back to Vietnam. As discussed above, the only limitation is that the first time you come to Vietnam either via airport, other times by any air, sea or land border.

  • Do I have to move me to obtain my visa to Vietnam?
    No scroll, all processing is made over the internet, using e-mail. You won't have to go physically to the Embassy of Vietnam or you will have to send the passport by post.

  • Do I have to send my passport by post?
    We must not send the passport by post or by courier. The procedure is more agile and above all, avoids possible loss of documents such as passport, just days before the trip to Vietnam.

  • How long does it take to get the visa to Vietnam?
    The processing of the visa to Vietnam takes between 1 and 3 working days.

  • How long can I gate in Vietnam with the visa?
    The visa allows stay in Vietnam during 1 month, in case you need to reside longer in Vietnam, contact us.

  • In my city there is no Embassy of Vietnam, what Visa I recomendais?
    The only Embassy of Vietnam in Spain is in Madrid. If you live in another Spanish city, both for the price of the visa, as per the convenience of not having to scroll, we recommend visa on arrival.

  • I'm going to travel to Vietnam but I am not going to use the plane, what options do I have?
    If you're entering Vietnam by land or by sea, taking into account the price premium of the visa in the Embassy, it may be more economical to you our visa and book a plane ticket (from 20€ with airlines low-cost Vietnamese such as JetStar, VietJetAir, Air Mekong or Air Asia).
    In addition the aircraft is faster, more comfortable, safer and have more time to enjoy your holiday if you cross the borders of Vietnam by bus, by train, by boat or speedboat.

  • Why we process visas?
    We hear much pains to different travelers that their respective Spanish tour-operators had come to charge a price of 130€ for visa. We don't want to have that image of expensive country Vietnam or where its people are trying to take economic advantage.

  • That document will get?
    We will send by email the document called a letter of invitation.

  • Do I have to pay more?
    Upon landing in Vietnam have to pay fees to the authorities to hand in fees for issuing the visa on arrival. These rates vary depending on the type of visa and duration. Charged $ 45 U.S. dollars for 1 entry visa and $ 65 for multiple entry visas within 30 days.

  • What information do I need to arrange my visa?
    - Full name (as it appears on passport)
    - Date of birth
    - Nationality
    - Gender (Male or Female)
    - Passport No.
    - Date of arrival in Vietnam
    - Airport of entry to Vietnam
    - Date of Vietnam (important not to exceed 1 calendar month)

  • How do I pay my visa?
    By credit card using the secure payment OnePay, the most important of Vietnam provider.

  • I have convinced you how apply for my visa?
    Now you can apply for your visa online * pressing the button and after that, get ready to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Vietnam.
    *service offered by a partner, a new window will open

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