Credit cards in Vietnam. Cards and payment methods accepted in Vietnam. Places where you can not pay by credit card in Vietnam. Currency and recommendations for pay in Vietnam.

Credit cards in Vietnam

Travel to Vietnam involves having to deal with foreign currency, in the case of Vietnam, the Vietnamese Dong. They credit cards in Vietnam are widespread and are the best ally for travelers to Vietnam.

Cards accepted in Vietnam

In Vietnam the majority of credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.

Credit Card Payment

Payment with credit card is not very widespread practice for Vietnamese, however the tourist places accept credit card (hotels, shops, restaurants, etc).

Commissions card payment

In Vietnam is a common practice to pay for purchases in a shop, or a meal in a restaurant, store or trade apply us a small charge (between 1€ and 3€). This surcharge are the commissions that the establishment has to pay the Bank receivables using credit cards.

Places where we can not use the card

But increasingly, there are certain points of Vietnam where we can not pay with card:
  • Area airports visas: we will have to pay the cost of visas on arrival (visa-on-arrival) in cash.
  • Halong Bay: the floating villages shops and most likely the Halong Bay boat will not allow card payments.
  • Ticket office of monuments and tourist attractions: practically no monument and tourist attraction of Vietnam allows payment card to purchase tickets or tickets.
  • Taxi: taxis in Vietnam not accept card.
  • Street: the street stalls, either food, clothes or anything else, you have to pay in cash.


Our recommendations are handled with cash for Vietnam, preferably in the local currency, the Vietnamese Dong, or failing U.S. dollars. The euro is also accepted, but the price will be much higher.

For Vietnamese Dongs, the easiest way is to withdraw money at an ATM of Vietnam, it is necessary to inform yourself before you travel to Vietnam if our card will work overseas and what kind of fees apply us our Bank.

ATMs in Vietnam

Airports of Vietnam international of all terminals have ATMs. At the exit of the airport of Hanoi (Noi Bai airport), within the same terminal we have 6 different cashiers, we recommend to get money there before catching a bus or taxi to go to the city of Hanoi. There are also ATMs in Saigon, airport Tan Son Nhat airport, (less than in Hanoi).

In virtually any street we will find a cashier or a branch of a Vietnamese bank where we use our credit cards to withdraw money from the ATM. It is important to know that each Bank and cashier has a maximum limit of money (Dong) which we can draw. In Spain this limit usually 300€, but in Vietnam varies from the 3,000. 000VND to the 8,000,000 (120€ to 240€).

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