Requirements, procedures and prices of the visas for Vietnam and Cambodia. Where can I get the visas, how much they cost, what to do to get a visa from Vietnam, how can I get the visa for Cambodia

Visa to Vietnam and Cambodia

To travel to the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam it is necessary to have a visa. This is the information you should know about the visa to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Visas for Southeast Asia

For a European city, where there are practically no borders, the visa process is a complicated unknown and at first glance, but in Southeast Asia, especially in Vietnam and Cambodia, visas are a very common procedure.

Visas to Vietnam and Cambodia involve having the Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, pay a small amount of U.S. dollars in cash and deliver a photograph passport size. Depending on the country to travel, Vietnam or Cambodia, the arrangements are different.

Visa to Vietnam

Procedures for obtaining the visa to Vietnam are a little more complex than the visa to Cambodia, since it is necessary to perform a transaction prior to obtaining the visa.

Types of visa to Vietnam

There are 2 types of visas to Vietnam: single visa and multiple visa (or multiple entries visa).

To find the type of visa you need we ask: Will I get in and out of Vietnam in more than one occasion? if the answer is yes you need a multiple entry visa, if instead you go to Vietnam just in one case, a single visa is more than enough.

Vietnam Visa on price and where to get a visa to Vietnam

There are 2 ways to get visas to Vietnam:
  • The Embassy of Vietnam of any country in the world (in Spain the Embassy of Vietnam is located in Madrid).
  • Directly at the airport of Vietnam (the so-called on-arrival visa, electronic visa for Vietnam or letter of invitation for Vietnam)

The price of the visa depends on whether it is a single visa (cheaper) or a multiple entry visa and especially if processed at the Embassy or at the airport of arrival in Vietnam.
As a general rule the on-arrival visa to Vietnam is 40% cheaper than the visa in the Embassy.

If you know the exact price of the visa, the steps to take and what is the most economical type of visa that fits your schedule, inform yourself here: Price of Visa to Vietnam.

(more information Visa to Vietnam).

Visa to Cambodia

The visa for Cambodia is very simple to achieve.
The first thing that should be noted is that no need to make any prior arrange, better to say no need to go to the Cambodian Embassy. Suffice to carry the Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months of expiration, a passport size photograph and 20$ in cash (U.S. dollars).

In any border point we issue a visa to Cambodia in the act, that simple. Depending on the Cambodian border the picture is not required, but recommended to bring a photograph to avoid problems.

( more information Visa to Cambodia).

Price of visa to Cambodia and where to get a visa to Cambodia

As mentioned previously, the total cost of a visa to Cambodia are 2$0 dollars. No paying anything over the internet, must not use the services of any private agency or tourist agency, neither nor pay a deposit in advance.
The payment to get the visa to Cambodia paid in cash and turn to the authorities of the Kingdom of Cambodia at any border post, no matter that it is an airport, a border land or crossing to Cambodia on boat or speedboat.

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