Weather in Vietnam, month recommended for travel. The best time to visit Vietnam is the Lunar New Year. The climate in Vietnam is mild all year, avoid the rainy season (monsoon).

Weather in Vietnam - recommended month to travel

Is which the best time to visit Vietnam? Vietnam is a country in South-East Asia's tropical climate, which means that Vietnam has 2 stations climatic: the dry season and the rainy season.

Although the temperature is stable throughout the year and rarely low of 24 degrees, there are highlands of Vietnam, e.g. Sapa, Where it is colder even has snowed once.

With reference to the month recommended to travel to Vietnam, we would say that there are several, October is a good month, since it tends to coincide with the end of rainy season, where the heat is not as suffocating and the likelihood of much less rain.
The season that includes the months of December to March is also a good time of year to travel to Vietnam.

Time of year to travel to Vietnam

Any time of the year is good to travel to Vietnam, but there are several more special months, such as the lunar new year.

Season in Vietnam

The season in Vietnam is the lunar new year, also known as new year Chinese, which varies each year (first day of the year according to the lunar calendar), but tends to coincide with the end of mid-January of February.

It is the most special time of the year to travel to Vietnam or anywhere in Asia. All streets are stained red (the color of celebration in Asia) to celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Return air-ticket prices will be very high and we will have some difficulties to book hotel. It is the small price that you have to pay to enjoy the country's largest party and one of the seasons of the year with better weather and more Vietnamese national sentiment.

Weather in Vietnam

Weather in Vietnam is very similar throughout the year, with the exception of the rains. Traditionally, the rainy season is from September to December, however, with the change in climate and weather conditions, this is no longer so.

Rainy season in Vietnam

The rainy season, also known monsoon varies northern Vietnam (Hanoi, Sapa) and south (Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon, Mekong Delta).

Traditionally in northern Vietnam the rainy season and with more moisture is from May to August. In the south, the monsoon usually occur between May and November.

This does not mean I'm going to a flood all day, months in August and even October are great for travel, as prices are not as high and the rain is not so abundant.

What is the best time to visit Sapa?

Sapa to be the highlands, it is colder than in Vietnam. The best time may be the beginning of the year (late December to February), and also bridges Easter and May bridge.
The summer months and October are not as suitable in relation to climate and Sapa in Vietnam, however, hotels and airline tickets will be cheaper so that is also good time to travel to Sapa.

Recommendations climate in Vietnam

The climate in Vietnam is hot, but not more than a summer in any western city. As recommendations on climate should not say obsessed, sunglasses enough and just in case the rain makes an appearance on the trip to Vietnam, waterproofs.

Weather related and recommended month to travel to Vietnam