Visa to Vietnam photos. We show how a simple visa, a visa with multiple photos. Differences between the visa at the airport and visa at the Embassy of Vietnam in photos.

Visa to Vietnam photos

There are two types of visas to Vietnam, multiple singles and visas visas, which can be obtained at the Embassy of Vietnam or at the airport of destination in Vietnam. Here you have some Photos of the visa to Vietnam.

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Visa on arrival

The visa on arrival is the most economical mode (costs half of what the visa at the Embassy). This type of visa also is called visa on-arrival, landing visa or visa with invitation letter.

Photos of visa on arrival

This is a photo of the simple visa on arrival (only 1 entry visa) obtained at the airport:

Visa at the Embassy of Vietnam
Visa on arrival simple 1 - month to Vietnam

This is a photo of the visa on the multiple arrival (visa that allows entering or exiting Vietnam on multiple occasions) issued in the airport of Vietnam:

Multiple entry visa to Vietnam
Multiple on- arrival visa for Vietnam

Stamp of the Embassy of Vietnam

For travelers who choose to get their visa at the Embassy of VietnamHere we show how it looks.

Photos Embassy visa

This is the photo for a visa from the Embassy of Vietnam (1 single entry visa) obtained after waiting 1 week:

Visa at the airport (Visa on arrival)

Differences between the visa at the airport and the Embassy Visa

As seen in the photos, both visas are identical except for the visa at the Embassy does not have at the bottom of the passport information.

The Visa at the airport is the easiest and most economical option for almost all of the travellers. However, there are cases in which a traveler can not opt for the visa-on-arrival. Ask your case if you have a question or write in the Visa to Vietnam Forum.

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