Hanoi shopping guide to go shopping, markets, street markets and shopping centers, malls in Hanoi (Vietnam). Shopping guide for the city of Hanoi in Vietnam: clothing, textiles, accessories, shoes, jewelry, silk, electronics and more.

Hanoi shopping guide

The city of Hanoi with over 1000 years of history, in addition to history, pagodas and legends has shops, markets and an entire neighborhood with hundreds of small jobs that will delight lovers of shopping. This is our Hanoi's shopping guide.

What to buy in Hanoi?

The capital of Vietnam is one of the best places for shopping in Vietnam, only surpassed by cities like Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh city.
In Hanoi we have a lot of shoes, sports shoes, clothes, textile, silk, bags, accessories, crafts and phone accessories.


Generally the prices of purchases in Vietnam are between 2 and 4 times lower than Spain, but it all depends on the quality of the article.
In Vietnam when paying you haggle, or as they say in Vietnam, wondered about a discount. It is easier to get a discount if you buy more genre (e.g. clothing and shoes) that if we dedicate ourselves to haggle with the seller.

Credit card

The small neighborhood stores and markets do not accept credit cards, only the tourist shops and malls. Generally generally charged an additional 3% when paying by credit card.

Shopping for Hanoi

The great advantage of Hanoi when it comes to shopping is that practically all stores are concentrated in the vicinity of Hoan Kiem Lake, in the District of the same name, Hoan Kiem district.

Hanoi shopping environment is very marked by the atmosphere of mercadilloslos, small shops of neighborhood and street stalls.

The shops of Hanoi are still Chinese commercial principles, what you want to say that the similar themed shops are all grouped in the same street or neighborhood, to create more business and help each other. For this reason we can find streets full of shoe shops, entire neighborhoods devoted to trade in silk, ceramics, etc.

In Hanoi we also have shopping centers, but they are on the outskirts of the city.

List of shops

The shops in Hanoi we group down the street or the neighborhood in which they are located, with the exception of some malls and markets.

Shop where is it? What do they sell?
old quarter North of Hoan Kiem Lake (map) clothing, textiles, accessories, souvenirs, crafts
market night Hanoi Street Hang Dao (map) clothing, textiles and accessories (from 19: 00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
Dong Xuan market Street Dong Xuan (map) almost everything
Market Hang Da Street Ngo Tram (map) specialists in leather and fur garments, but we can buy practically everything
Market Tây (Western market) Street To Ngoc Van (map) ingredients gourmet (only Sundays from 9: 00 to 12: 00)
Commercial street Hang Dau Street Hang Dau (map) footwear (shoes man / woman, sports shoes)
commercial zone Dinh Tien Hoang Street Dinh Tien Hoang (map) shoes
commercial Hang Gai Street Street Hang Gai (map) silk and fabrics
commercial Cau Go Street Street Cau Go (map) clothing women and accessories
commercial Hang Hom Street Street Hang Hom (map) crafts, lacquer work and carvings in bamboo
Hang Buom area Street Hang Buom (map) candies, sweets, wines and spirits
Commercial street Hang Can Street Hang Can (map) bookstores and Stationers
commercial Nha Tho Street Street Nha Tho (map) wine and liquor stores
commercial Ly Thai To Street Street Ly Thai To (map) international luxury shops
commercial zone Le Thai To Street Le Thai To (map) photo shops
Trang Tien Plaza shopping centre Street Hai Ba Trung 24 (map) top clothing brands international
VinCom City Towers shopping center 191 Ba Trieu Street (map) Mall luxury
Parkson shopping center Street Tây Sơn 198 (map) Mall luxury
Savico Megamall Nguyen Van Linh Street 7 (map) Mall luxury (the largest of Vietnam shopping centre)
Ruby Plaza shopping centre Street Le Ngoc have 44 (map) jewelry
Syrena shopping center Xuan Dieu Street 51 (map) supermarkets and restaurants
Big C shopping center Street Tran Duy Hung 222 (map) clothing, electronics, cosmetics
Grand Plaza shopping centre Street Tran Duy Hung 211 (map) Mall luxury
Pico Plaza shopping center Nguyen Trai Street 76 76 (map) clothing, electronics, computer science and technology
VKO shopping center Giang Vo Street 148 (map) Korean articles and clothing of large sizes
Silk neighborhood Van Phuc district (map) silk and fabrics
Pottery village village Bat Trang (map) ceramics, earthenware and pottery

Clothing Stores

As a rule in Vietnam and throughout Asia the sizing is slightly smaller and narrower, we recommend you try the clothes you like it before you buy it.
In Vietnam when buying clothes, we have better or worse quality forgeries and genuine branded apparel. The only places where you can be sure that the garments are genuine are the large shopping centres and official stores.

Although Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, we will not find many shops of leading firms, but that it abounds are small shops with many t-shirt and poles.

Clothing Stores in Hanoi's Old Quarter

One of the best areas of shopping and shops in Hanoi is the old quarter, called Old Quarter. It's small streets full of shops and street stalls, it in fact says that whole House at the same time is a business in Hanoi.
The streets surrounding the Lake are the most important commercial Street and also those that have greater number of stores. From among all the commercial streets we highlight streets Hang Gai, Hang Be, Hang Bong and Hang Giay.

Hanoi shopping street
Shopping street in the center of Hanoi

The old quarter of Hanoi is very touristy, so most stores will offer shopping and tourist souvenirs of Vietnam (the typical Vietnamese hat).
In the shops of the Old Quarter of Hanoi can buy mostly clothes, but if you want a bespoke suit (male or female) is also possible (see where to get a suit).

Purchases of clothing and textile markets in Hanoi

At the end of the old quarter of Hanoi have the Dong Xuan market, the largest market selling to the wholesale and the retail throughout Hanoi. For its proximity to the Centre it is also more tourist market of the city, but an excellent place to make all kind of shopping and of course clothes and textiles.

In any market there around Hanoi can find clothing and textiles, but we recommend the Dong Xuan market for its great location and especially because it is the place where you can find more sizes. Regarding the price of clothing in the Dong Xuan market, being foreigners will probably ask for more money, but do not be shy, you have to haggle and if we are interested, buy more clothes and force the seller to we make a price reduction.

The other big market of Hanoi where there are lots of clothing stores, accessories, accessories and similar is the market Hang Da, halfway between Hanoi Lake and the Citadel of the city.
Hang Da market opens every day of the week from 5: 00 a.m. to 17: 00 in the evening of uninterrupted. Hang Da is a huge market consisting of 3 floors and wide variety of products, from flowers and fruits fresh stores up to specialists in leather and fur, passing through liquor stores.
Downstairs Hang Da market reserves for ceramic shops, handicrafts, fruit, pet shops with a variety of exotic birds, etc... the second and third floor of the market is where you will find clothing stores, shoes, accessories, watches and jewelry.

Han Da market map
Map of Han Da market in Hanoi (click to enlarge)

Shop top brand clothing

Strategically located between the 5-star Sofitel Metropole and Hilton hotels, we have the Street Ly Thai To where we can find our favorite brands international stores like Burberry for example.

The neighborhood Silk

To buy the best silk of all Hanoi you should go to the Van Phuc district, or what is the same, to the neighborhood of silk. Located 10 kilometers southwest of Hanoi, which makes necessary to go by taxi.
In this neighborhood, filled with silk artisans with a tradition of more than a century, we have over 100 stores to buy silks, dresses, embroidery, etc...

Shoe Stores

In Hanoi, it is fairly easy to find shoe stores, above all footwear sports brands like Nike. The vast majority of the Hanoi center shoe stores are located in the Dinh Tien Hoang Street, on the East side of Hoan Kiem Lake and very close to the water puppet theatre.
All shoes are fakes sold there (except numbered models), the price is quite cheap and the quality is good, but if your Nike 6€ hurt you do not protest.

Women's shoes shops are widely dispersed through the narrow streets of the old quarter of Hanoi. The best place to buy women shoes (dancers, high heel shoes, party shoes, etc...) is the Hanoi night market.

Shoe Shops in Hanoi
Shoe Shops in Hanoi Night Market

Hanoi Night Market is only on weekends after dark. This market literally invades Hang Dao streets and successive, we recommend you go the market starting from the building just north of the lake (Illy coffee) and walk the hundred meters covering the market, as mounting these streets the night market are closed to traffic (see Markets in Vietnam).

Hanoi Night Market


The jewels in Vietnam have a lower price to Spain by issues of taxes and import costs. Although there are many shops around the old quarter of Hanoi, the reference in the jewelry sector is the centro commercial Ruby plaza, street Le Ngoc have 44 (1 kilometer South of the Lake), where there are lots of precious stones, diamonds, gold and jewelry specialty shops.

Stores Handbags, belts, watches, sunglasses and accessories

If we want to buy an imitation of Louis Vuitton, Prada bag or Carolina Herrera will be attending any of the markets of Hanoi, we recommend Dong Xuan market and both Hang Da market to buy bags like belts.

One of the best shops of fashion fashion Accessories is the Trang Tien Plaza shopping center, located a few streets South of the Lake in Hanoi. Ruby Plaza shopping center stores we recommend to buy a good Watch.

Camera Stores

If during your trip to Vietnam is damaged you camera or want to buy an extra memory card, you will find photo shops at the end of the calle Le Thai To, at the West end of the Lake and also in Street Ba Trieu, Hang Trong Street and surrounding streets. In that part of Hanoi specialists there are photo shops in Nikon, Konica, Canon, etc..

For those who prefer to buy photography in mall stores items we recommend Savico Megamall and Pico Plaza shopping malls.

Photo shops in Hanoi
Photo shops in Hanoi

Food stores and Gourmet Products

The reference in Hanoi to buy power and above all gourmet shops products is the Western market (market Tay). It is an atypical market opens only on Sundays from 9: 00 to 12: 00, where we find many shops and small stalls to buy Western food and gourmet products, all products and gender which is sold in this market is fresh and organic.

The western market or Tay Market was founded by an entrepreneur to promote French gourmet products. This market is where most expatriates living in Hanoi often turn to do the shopping. The price is in line with the quality and the prices are not negotiable, so forget about haggling. The Western market is located 3 miles northwest of downtown Hanoi.

For those who do not have time of approaching the market Tay, you have very close to the Cathedral of Hanoi several stores of wine and spirits in the Nha Tho Street.

Pottery and pottery stores

With an area of 5000m2 Bat Trang village has earned the reputation as the pottery village of Hanoi. Located 10 kilometres to the southeast of Hanoi in addition to buying pieces in clay and ceramics, we can contemplate how potters creating clay unique pieces using the TECHNIC traditions. It is essential to take a taxi.

Shopping centers in Hanoi

In the center of Hanoi are not many shopping centers and zoning laws are not allowed to build tall buildings.

The opening hours of the shopping malls in Hanoi is generally from 9:00 am to 22:00 pm without interruption every day of the week.

With regard to prices, in a shopping center you do not haggle, and tends to be quite high since only the Vietnamese jetset attends this kind of stores. If we want to buy branded items, the only way to be sure that is not a forgery is buying at a mall or in any of the official shops which you will find inside.

Shopping center in Hanoi
Shopping center in Hanoi

Most of the malls of Hanoi found in the southwest of the city, on the way to the skyscraper and tallest of all Vietnam, the Keangnam Tower. The largest shopping center in all of Vietnam, the mall Savico Megamall is at the opposite end. Finally we emphasize that only a mall in the heart of Hanoi, Trang Tien Plaza mall.

Trang Tien Plaza Mall

It's more downtown Hanoi shopping centre, located south of Hoan Kiem Lake. This Mall has mostly clothing stores and fashion, focused mostly on the latest fashion fad. On the upper floors of the Mall we have restaurants.

It Trang Tien Plaza shopping centre has many shops, but we can consider it small to be a mall, especially if we compare it with the rest of malls that has the city of Hanoi.
Without emabargo is a good place to shop for leisurely strolls and forget the atmosphere of Hanoi markets if we want to take a taxi and go further.

Parkson Mall

It is a chain of shopping malls with stores in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Haiphong. There are 2 Parkson shopping centres in Hanoi, the two somewhat away from the Center making it necessary to take a taxi. The Parkson shopping center nearest is located at 198 Street Tây Sơn and the other to the foot of the skyscraper in Hanoi, Keangnam Tower.

Parkson is a luxury shopping center where we can find mostly Spanish and some foreign brands such as Zara.

Website: https://www.parkson.com.vn

Savico Mall Megamall

The largest of Vietnam shopping centre is called Savico Megamall, situated in the area of expansion of Hanoi, 7 kilometroas on the outskirts, on the East side of the city.
These two buildings 30.000m2 each have many shops where top brand, as well as supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment area.
Inside this shopping mall officials have almost all international brands: Levi's, Lacoste, Adidas, Nike, Prada, Burberry, Cartier, etc... addition also has many electronics stores, computer and technology.

Website: https://www.savicomegamall.com

Mall Savico megamall
Mall Savico megamall

Pico Square Mall

On the way to the skyscraper in Hanoi we have the peak Plaza shopping center where his strong point are stores of computer science, electronics and technology. The entertainment area, as well as restaurants and international chains such as KFC, also has movie theaters.

Website: https://www.picoplaza.com.vn/

Grand Plaza Shopping Centre

We have a couple of streets before reaching the peak Plaza Mall Grand Plaza shopping centre with more than 200 shops of luxury. Before the opening of the Mall Savico, Grand Plaza was Hanoi's largest mall.

Mall Big C

A few meters from the Grand Plaza Mall we have another great point of shopping called Big C shopping center with more than 100 stores in its interior.

Vincom City Towers Mall

VinCom shopping center belongs to the same corporate group as the waterpark Vinpearl Nha Trang. In its interior we have stores brands (Lacoste, Burberry, Ralph Lauren baby, etc.) but unfortunately the prices are not as advantageous as in any of the city's markets.

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