The colorful ethnic market Vietnam Bac Ha Bac Ha village in the mountains of Vietnam province of Lao Cai, near Sapa. Information, transportation, buses and Bac Ha Market Hours

Bac Ha Market

The Lao Cai province is famous for the mountain from Sapa region, but the small village of Bac Ha, just 60 kilometers from Lao Cai and 80 kilometers from Sapa, is one of the most authentic places to see the Vietnamese ethnic groups in the popular and colorful market of Bac Ha.

Market Information Bac Ha

The small village of Bac Ha, on the way to the Chinese border, offers the traveler the Bac has market, which undoubtedly is the most colorful of all Lao Cai and less frequented by tourists than the Sapa market.

Vietnamese ethnic groups that inhabit the mountainous region of Bac Ha (ethnic Miao, Hmong, Dao OJ, Tay and Giay) reunite on the market for trading all kinds of spices, tobacco, food, fabrics and crafts, all products that are in the market tend to be products of the area. The Bac has market is the preferred place for the inhabitants of the area to sit and eat and chat.

Bac Ha Market Areas

The Bac has market is divided into 7 zones, where each of them sell products of a certain class:

Bac Ha ethnic market in Vietnam
  • The market area specializing in textile, fabrics and materials for making ethnic costumes
  • Grocery market
  • Area of horses (ponies rather)
  • Market of farm animals (chickens, hens, pigs, buffaloes, etc...)
  • Area restaurants (Street restaurants of course)
  • Market of birds
  • Crafts and forging market

Bac Ha Market Hours

Bac HA market only open on Sunday mornings beginning its activity very early. The market is Open from 6 until 14: 00 being the best time to visit the market 9: 00, since about 12: 00 many ethnicities that are found there are beginning to pick up and leave.

Bac Ha Market Location

Bac has market is a street market, although it is rumored that it will construct a building to accommodate this market that is growing daily in popularity. The Bac has market is located to the right of the street Ngoc Uyen margin (main street of the town), in the southern part of the village Bac has.

Bac has village is located 60 kilometres east of Lao Cai and about 80 kilometers from Sapa.

Directions to Bac Ha Market

Scrolling options to small and remote village of Bac Ha are reduced to carriage by road, whether a regular bus, a minibus, motorbike or taxi. Cities from which is often dating address Bac ha (or Bac has market) are Lao Cai and Hanoi.

Bac Ha market Buses

There is a bus line that performs the way Lao Cai - Bac has which is the cheapest option to navigate to the Bac has market.

The Lao Cai to Bac has bus schedules are: 06: 30, 07: 00, 12: 00, 13: 00 and 15: 00. The schedule of the bus from Bac has to Lao Cai is at 06: 00, 07: 00, 08: 00, 12: 10 and 13: 00. The price of the bus fare are 2€ per way. Although the distance are just 60 kilometers, the bus takes 90 minutes, i.e., 1 hour and a half.

We recommend you take the bus to Lao Cai at 7:00 and back on the bus by 13:00.

The Bac Ha market

Minibus tour to Bac Ha market

Probably the most convenient option of travel to the market, with an average price of 10€ per person for the return journey.

These tourist minibuses with capacity of 5 to 12 people are hired in Lao Cai travel agencies and hotels. Generally they tend to leave for Lao Cai around 7: 00 am and return about 12: 00 from Bac has. It takes 1 hour to reach the market and usually minibuses / vans return back to Lao Cai 3 hours later, time more than enough to see the market and do some shopping.

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