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Visa to Vietnam and Cambodia
Requirements, procedures and prices of the visas for Vietnam and Cambodia. Where can I get the visas, how much they cost, what to do to get a visa from Vietnam, how can I get the visa for Cambodia
The Perfume Pagoda
The temples that make up the Perfume Pagoda (Chua Huong), just outside of Hanoi (Vietnam). Information, map, price of the tours, travel from Hanoi to the Perfume Pagoda.
Credit cards in Vietnam
Credit cards in Vietnam. Cards and payment methods accepted in Vietnam. Places where you can not pay by credit card in Vietnam. Currency and recommendations for pay in Vietnam.
Weather in Vietnam - recommended month to travel
Weather in Vietnam, month recommended for travel. The best time to visit Vietnam is the Lunar New Year. The climate in Vietnam is mild all year, avoid the rainy season (monsoon).
Price of Airport taxi in Vietnam
Cab fare at airports in Vietnam. How much is a taxi from the airport to central Vietnam city. Airport Taxi in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang.
Visa to Vietnam photos
Visa to Vietnam photos. We show how a simple visa, a visa with multiple photos. Differences between the visa at the airport and visa at the Embassy of Vietnam in photos.
Plugs and Electricity in Vietnam
Plugs and electricity in Vietnam. Electricity in Vietnam is 220 volts, both plugs and electricity in Vietnam are equal to Europe. In Vietam not need adapter plugs.
Vietnam tourism
Vietnam tourism. Preparations for the trip to Vietnam, how to organize the trip, whether traveling for leisure or tourist agency. Tourist attractions and touring routes Vietnam.
The 10 most popular surnames
The 10 most popular surnames. The surname or as we call it in Vietnam, the family name, is a fundamental part of who we are. These are the 10 most popular names in the world.
Vietnamese hat photos
Vietnamese hat photos. Photo Collection Non The Vietnamese hat, the symbol of the culture and people of Vietnam
Pictures of Da Lat
Photos of Da Lat. The city of Dalat (Da Lat) is one of the most beautiful cities of the south-central Vietnam. Photos of the city of lovers, pagodas, waterfalls, natural parks, flowers, gardens and the valley of love
First Aid Kit for Vietnam
First aid kit for Vietnam. As a precaution it is worth to take a small travel kit to Vietnam. The traveler's kit can be RELEC, ibuprofen, oral serum, antihistamine, and any other medications such as dramamine