Dan Sinh Market, known as Vietnam war surplus market. A market in Ho Chi Minh City to buy souvenirs, memories, artifacts, clothing and any kind of goods of the Vietnam War.

Dan Sinh Market of Vietnam War

Among the multiple markets of Ho Chi Minh City, the most curious of all market is probably Dan Sinh market, popularly known as the war surplus market, internal market where they sell building materials, plumbing and all Vietnam war material in the same place.

Information about Dan Sinh market

Dan Sinh market is located in the 1st District of the city of Ho Chi Minh City, in a building with many years of history, previously a market of fruit and edible, to give way to a place of bets to become what it is today: a market of construction materials, industrial material, spare parts for plumbing hardware and also souvenirs of Vietnam war.

The Vietnam War surplus market is not very touristic, most of the travelers who come up there tend to combine the visit to the Dan Sinh market with nearby Phung are Tu pagoda.

In the curious Dan Sinh market which states sell genuine and authentic surplus of Vietnam War, we can find gear, clothing, bomber type jackets, boots, binoculars, purses, rolex watches, gas masks, hats, helmets of fighter pilots, shell casings, grenades, mines, camouflage clothing, flashlights, tents, sleeping bags, pads and registrations, banners, identification tags (dog tags) and especially zippo lighters.

These memories of Vietnam war prices start at 5$ and there rise up to 40$ or more. Dan Sinh market sell souvenirs of war of both sides, the American side and the Vietnamese side (Vietcong).

Market surplus Vietnam War Dan Sinh
Market surplus Vietnam War

Reproductions and authentic items from Vietnam War

The war of Vietnam ended long ago, in the year 1975 to be exact. It is difficult to find authentic items of the war in Vietnam, especially on the American side. We could say that 99% of what is sold in the market Dan Sinh are copies and reproductions, by so much care to pay a small fortune for a souvenir from the war in Vietnam, these articles which are sold we can consider them as souvenirs of Vietnam, also if some thing like us there is no problem in buying it, but the prices are always negotiable (come on you haggle).

As experts when buying an article say, it is difficult to know if an object is really the times of war in the 1960s, or if on the contrary it was made yesterday same in China, therefore buys the item but not the story.

For collectors looking for a piece to your collection in Vietnam say they are more likely to find authentic items from Vietnam War belonging to the American and also the Vietcong.

Dan Sinh Market Location

Dan Sinh Market is situated at No 104 Yersin, about half a mile southwest of Ben Thanh market, very close to the backpacker area of Saigon (Pham Ngu Lao).

Dan Sinh Market Entry
Dan Sinh Market Entry

Dan Sinh Market opening hours

The surpluses of the war Dan Sinh market is Open every day from 7:00 to 18:00 (at 18:00 the market is totally close, so many shops begin to pick things up around 17:00).

Dan Sinh Market Videos

A video of the exterior and also a ride inside Dan Sinh market.

Dan Sinh Market in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

A walk through the market of surplus Vietnam War

Having seen Dan Sinh market assaults a question: do you really here sell things the Vietnam War?

Dan Sinh Market (Ho Chi Minh City)
Dan Sinh Market (Ho Chi Minh City)

Walking through this strange market in Ho Chi Minh means going through countless stores springs, screws, plumbing, building materials, industrial machinery and countless articles that nothing really suspect that we can buy a tourist souvenir period of the Vietnam War.

Materials of construction Dan Sinh market of Vietnam
Building materials - Dan Sinh Market

Most handyman can use the visit to get a good professional toolbox for half the price than in Europe / America, even the occasional accessory, spare and replacement parts for the car.

Auto parts Dan Sinh market
Auto parts Dan Sinh market

The section of the Vietnam War Dan Sinh market

To locate the specific section of articles and the war in Vietnam's Dan Sinh market surpluses, have to turn left just after crossing through the main door, otherwise you will end up walking into circles turning and turning by the various stores of the market where it will be difficult to find a person who speak English and tell you the exact location of the area of the war surplus.

Clothing, clothing and apparel Vietnam War
Clothing, clothing and apparel Vietnam War

Once located the part of the Vietnam war in the interior of the Dan Sinh market, we can walk and quietly browsed the various stores and items that are exhibited there. The sellers of these most tourist shops are able to speak English, and probably will delight you with any battle and the war-time history.

For example in this store kind lady who served us us was explaining that a lighter zippo in particular if was genuine, it belonged to his father, who fought in Quang Nam province with the American side, in the interior of the zippo he recorded City (Hoi An) and the date (in 1967) and that was also a good lighter zippo made in usa that still worked.

Zippo Lighters of the Vietnam War
Zippo Lighters of the Vietnam War

Gas Masks Vietnam War
Gas Masks Vietnam War

These gas masks that we see here the seller said to belong to the famous American Brigade of tunnel rats, the American brigade responsible for enter the tunnels of war (e.g., tunnels of Cu Chi) to locate and neutralize the Vietcong forces. It also seemed to be part of the Russian equipment. Truth or lie? hard to say.

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