The most famous waterfalls of the plateau Bolaven Plateau cataracts Tad Fane (also called Tad Fan), cataracts Tad Lo Tad Hang and Tad Suong, cataracts Tad Yuang (known as Tad Yeang), cataracts E -Tu (called Tat Pee and Katamtok Cham Tat) and cliff cliff Phaxuam

Bolaven Plateau Waterfalls

The plateau region of the Bolaven Plateau, located 1000 metres above the sea level, in the South of Laos, is a mountain area with abundant rainfall and rivers that create passing the amazing waterfalls of Bolaven Plateau.

Cataracts of the Bolaven Plateau

There are many waterfalls and rivers that make up the area of Laos, Bolaven plateau, all the falls of exceptional beauty and magical surroundings. These are the most famous waterfalls of Bolaven Plateau: Tad Fane (also called cataracts Tad Fan) falls, the Tad Lo waterfalls, Tad Hang and Tad Suong, (known as Tad Yeang) Tad Yuang falls, the falls E - Tu (called Tat Cham Pee and Tat Katamtok) and Cliff Phaxuam cliff.

In the Lao language " Tad " means waterfall, hence all the Bolaven Plateau Waterfalls are called Tad.

Tad Fane Falls

The Tad Fane falls are the most impressive of the entire plateau Bolaven Plateau. It's 2 streams of water with a drop of more than 100 meters high. The falls are located on the road from Pakse to Pakxong kilometre 38, in the area of the falls has been built a resort called Tad Fane resort.

Tad Fane Falls in Bolaven Plateau - Laos
Tad Fane Falls - Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Tad Yuang Falls

Located just 2 miles from the Tad Fane falls we have beautiful Tad Yuang falls, also called Tad Yeang and Tad Gneuang waterfalls. It's a waterfall with ladder located at kilometer 40 of the road between Pakse and Pakxong.

Tad Yuang Falls Bolaven Plateau in Laos
Tad Yuang Falls - Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Tad Lo, Tad Hang and Tad Suong falls

In the vicinity of the village of Tad Lo have 3 beautiful cataracts: cataracts Tad Hang, the Tad and Tad Suong. This small town in the province of Saravanh is a required stop on the visit to the plateau of the Bolaven Plateau, not by its tourist attraction but because scarcely 10 km can enjoy these 3 waterfalls.

More about Tad Hang waterfalls and Tad Lo Falls.

Tad Lo, Tad Hang and Tad Suong Bolaven Plateau falls in Laos
Tad Lo, Tad Hang and Tad Suong falls - Bolaven Plateau - Laos

E-Tu falls

The falls E-Tu are also known with the names of Tat Cham Pee cataracts and waterfalls Tat Katamtok. Falls furthest from Pakse, 48 kilometers from Pakxong, is what makes falls E - Tu in the less tourist falls from the Bolaven Plateau, however those who decide to move up to Tat Katamtok can explore a trail for hiking, the Ho Chi Minh Trail (Ho Chi Minh trail).

E-TU falls - Bolaven Plateau in Laos
E-TU falls - Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Cliff cliff Phaxuam

Halfway between the city of Pakse and Tad Lo waterfalls is located the Cliff Phaxuam cliff, a small national park where besides the falls, we can mount elephant and see firsthand how they live the ethnic groups of Laos.

Cliff Bolaven Plateau Phaxuam cliff in Laos
Cliff Phaxuam cliff - Bolaven Plateau - Laos

Map of the Bolaven Plateau Waterfalls

Here you have a map of the waterfalls of Bolaven Plateau where the main falls in the area you have highlighted.

Map of Bolaven Plateau
Map of Bolaven Plateau

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  • Pakse Pakse City, the starting point for visiting the falls Bolaven Plateau
  • Vat Phou champa ruins on the Bolaven Plateau, style similar to the Temples of Angkor
  • Si Phan Don 4000 Islands of the Mekong River as it passes through Laos, 4 hours from the city of Pakse