COPE Visitor Centre (visitors center COPE) in Vientiane. COPE is an NGO dedicated to providing prostheses and medical care to the Lao people who have suffered the bombing of the Vietnam War (UXO)

COPE Vientiane

COPE is an NGO whose stands for Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise (cooperative orthotic and prosthetic Enterprise) that is dedicated to providing aid and medical care to the population that has suffered the consequences of the bombing of the Viet Nam war. The Vientiane COPE visitor center is a sign of the horror of war and the great humanitarian work of this NGO.

Information about COPE visitor center in Vientiane

Before you begin to speak about COPE, it is necessary to remember not very long ago: Laos holds the sad record of being the most bombed history country, during the Viet Nam war, years 1964 to 1973, were released more than 2 million tons of bombs on Laos, a part of this military equipment did not explode, being buried in the fields and villages.

These bombs which failed to explode, but which possess explosive charge are known with the name of UXO (Unexploded Ordinances in English), representing a great danger for the local population and a problem for Laos (we recommend to visit the center of Luang Prabang UXO).

Exhibition at COPE Vientiane
Exhibition at COPE Vientian

The NGO COPE has been all these years to provide medical care, prostheses, orthoses and psychological treatment to all the people and families affected by UXO, i.e. by bombs not exploded. Although much of the work of COPE is focused on the collateral damage of the war, also treated patients who need help after an traffic accident, illness or genetic malformation, etc.

COPE - Vientiane - Laos
COPE - Vientiane - Laos

Visit the COPE visitor center of Vientiane

Taking into account the seriousness of the situation and of the complex problems of the COPE every day, the visitor center shows an optimistically past, present and future. During the visit to the COPE Visitor Center, we can see a representation of the fearsome cluster bombs (cluster bomb in English), each pump has more than 200 small fragments of explosives inside. These bombs were dropped by American bombers during the war in Viet Nam on Laos. Cluster bombs are designed to make explosion to hit a hard surface, however due to the lush vegetation of Laos that cushioned the shock in measure, 30% of the 260 million bombs that were thrown in Laotian territory did not explode.

Cluster bombs set in COPE
Cluster bombs set in COPE

The COPE visitor centre exhibition grounds are approximately 500 square meters where exposed remnants of the Viet Nam war, explain us cleaning of areas affected by UXO (very interesting also the UXO Center of the city of Luang Prabang) and various artifacts to provide mobility to the affected people.

COPE Vientiane
COPE Vientiane

The visit to the COPE visitor centre is suitable for all audiences, however children's drawings Laotians painting aircraft launching bombs on the local population goes to the heart.

COPE visitor center - Vientiane - Laos
COPE visitor center - Vientiane - Laos

For those who want to contribute their bit to this great human enterprise can make a donation in the COPE visitor center, buy shirts, souvenirs, etc that are for sale at the main entrance of COPE.

Opening hours and admission price to COPE

The Vientiane COPE visitor center is Open every day of the week in hours of from 9:00 to the 18:00 continuously.
The access is free, for those who want it, can make a donation to collaborate with the Centre and the project at the ballot box located in the main entrance of COPE.

How to get to the visitor center COPE Vientian

The COPE visitor center is located a couple of kilometres from the Centre of Vientiane ( Laos), in the street Boulevard Khouvieng (opposite Green Park Boutique hotel, a couple of blocks from the Temple) Wat Si Muang).
Although you can walk to the COPE Visitor Center, also a tuk-tuk for 20,000 kip can catch (see CA. €2) Currency of Laos).

Phone 856 85621218427, website .

Directions to COPE

The COPE Visitor Center has an access is somewhat unclear, as COPE is located within a larger complex (a Government Medical Center). On the street, just a tiny sign indicates that we are in the right place.

Directions to COPE Vientiane
Directions to COPE Vientian

After crossing the gate of entry that is in the street, we reach a covered Stadium for disabled people.

Stadium handicapped by COPE
Stadium handicapped by COPE

To the right of stadium visitors center COPE city of Vientiane is located.

Access to COPE main visitors center - Vientiane
Access to COPE main visitors center - Vientiane

Video COPE Vientiane

This is a virtual tour of the facilities and exhibition of the city of Vientiane (Laos) COPE Visitor Center, where you can see the different exposed photographs and sample of cluster bombs.

Video COPE visitor center - Vientiane - Laos

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